7 Most Bizarre Items Passengers Are Allowed To Carry on Flights

7 Most Bizarre Items Passengers Are Allowed To Carry on Flights
“Can you carry a portable charging device along? Are you allowed to bring self-defense items like scissors? Is it okay if I bring some eatables with me?” These are some of the most commonly asked questions along with a lot of similar ones by passengers who are packing for their latest trip or travel.

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7 Most Bizarre Items Passengers Are Allowed To Carry on Flights
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The restrictions posed on items to be carried along while flying are constantly reinvented. And, this change has given a hard time for all travelers leaving them muddled. Most often they face the same dilemma, i.e. what to carry with them to the airport?

While it may seem pretty obvious that eatables like eggs, cakes, pies and self-defense items like guns, 5.11 jacket, tactical pants, and your tactical vest aren’t allowed on planes but actually, it is the opposite. Yes, you heard it right! There are some items you thought were off-limits on a commercial airliner, but in fact are allowed on board. Weird, isn’t it?

Well, there are numerous other absurd items that you can actually carry on a plane. And, we have listed a few of them for you below. Enjoy our list!

Ice Skates

As unusual as it may sound, but ice skates are a part of the ‘allowed’ items on the planes’ checklist. Considering the fact that they have sharp blades which can prove to be really dangerous if not handled carefully, passengers are still allowed to carry them with their cabin baggage itself. Absurd, right?

A bowling ball

While carrying a bowling ball might be an odd choice, but all the bowlers out there, celebrate in glee! Because you can carry your bowling ball along when you travel, whatever the reason. However, it comes with added caution. You need to ensure that it is secured under the seat right in front of you or if there’s a tote bag that hinders its movement, it will be just perfect.

Cakes and Pies

Well, if you’re a baker and want to greet the special person awaiting your arrival at the gate, you are welcomed to bring a cake along with you! While for others, won’t it be too unusual to carry an entire cake and not just a slice or so? Considering the fact that the long journey will drive you insane as you struggle to take care of the sumptuous cake.


Aren’t these some really unique and enticing creatures? Well, most airlines think so!
As it is, they are a great addition to your supper and are not found easily everywhere so why not share and show some care!

However, as per JetBlue, the lobster can be brought in your checked-in carry baggage but “if the container uses ice packs, it must be sealed and in a leak-proof container with the contents clearly marked.”

Christmas Trees

Before you set your expectations too high, let’s make things clear! Yes, you are allowed to bring in a Christmas tree along but it must not be longer than 6 feet. Besides, it must be properly wrapped with its branches tied down in a burlap sack. It comes through only after its state is examined by security officers of the US. How do they do it?
Well, they look for clusters of 5 or more needles of a branch and make sure the tree is from its native place, i.e. Mexico or Canada.
So, what are you waiting for? Transport your Christmas spirits already!

Fresh Eggs

Yes, I get you. They won’t last much longer! Yet the TSA permits you to carry fresh eggs in both your carry-on and check-in baggage. So, go and prepare your loved ones a great breakfast with those freshly transported eggs! 

Bodies of Bugs

Wondering who even wants to carry that? We thought so too. But, surely there is a niche who would want to transport the bug remains to some different place. For those of you who are willing to, go ahead! TSA has given a green light for it to be brought as a carry on thing already.

Butterflies, Beetles, Spiders, Scorpions, and whatnot! All fall into this category. Make sure to wrap it, if you do not wish to be ridiculed or disgusted by your fellow travelers. Take note, not everyone is a bug lover like you! 

Hope you enjoyed our list. Now that you’re aware of the most bizarre things you can carry on planes, maybe you can sneak in one or two with you! Happy traveling!

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