Wholesome Snacks at Wholesale Price

Signature Market Wholesome Products at Wholesale Price

Hey! Look what I bought from signaturemarket.co recently! All these 9 packets of wholesome snacks and food at wholesale price, all in all is about RM100. They are all superfood and antioxidant boosterCheck out my video below if you want to know how to get 1 FREE pack of Chia Seed worth RM30.00, 10% Off your purchase and also FREE 3 month membership.

Signature Market Wholesome Snacks at Wholesale Price
Signature Market Wholesome Snacks at Wholesale Price

Head over to this link https://goo.gl/qKGVJd and start your order. When you use this link you will received

1. FREE 1 pack of Chia Seed worth RM30.00

2. 10% OFF on their purchase

3. FREE 3 months trial membership

Check Out My Video
Unboxing Signature Market Snacks 

Now healthy snacking and living is easy and affordable, Signature Market has more than 500 of natural and organic products. They started with Signature Snack, I started buying their healthy snacks since 2015 ya… way back then and my favourite until today is still the Antioxidant Boost with mixture of goji berries, cranberries, blackcurrants, apricot, oats and yogurt.

Signature Market Wholesome Snacks at Wholesale Price
Here are my healthy snacks from Signature Market

Here are my picks: 

Sun Dried Apricot, 200g @ RM12
Antioxidant Boost, 200g @ RM14
California Walnut Natural, 30g @ RM21.50
Roasted Natural Black Beans, 180g @ RM6.90
Superfood Trail Mix, 120g @ RM1
Organic Chia Seed, 200g @ RM11

Do share with me what’s your pick and remember ya you are what you eat so always choose a healthier choice of food.

For more inform please visit www.signaturemarket.co

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