3 Reasons That Using DHT Blockers is Helpful For Your Wellbeing

3 Reasons That Using DHT Blockers is Helpful For Your Wellbeing 

DHT (Dihydrotestosterone), is an androgen hormone derived from testosterone. The hormone is responsible for a number of health benefits in men. In adult males, DHT is the primary androgen and it is involved in maintaining and developing sexual characteristics as well as metabolic activities such as the production of blood cells. DHT is also responsible for beard growth and prostate wellness. However, production of DHT may have some negative side effects which can be prevented by using DHT blockers.

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Some of the advantages of using DHT blockers are:

1. It helps fallen hair regrow

DHT inhibits and reduces the ideal growth of hair in the follicles, a process known as miniaturization. Miniaturization affects hair follicles, especially those genetically susceptible leading to thinner and lighter hairs. 

DHT attaches itself to hair follicles, inhibiting nourishment to the hair resulting in poor growth. The hair follicles eventually shrink and the result is hair loss or baldness. Even though not all hair loss is caused by DHT, the hormone causes at least 95% of hair loss. 

The hair loss in addition to hair breakage and dramatic changes to appearance affects both men and women as they grow older. In women, however, DHT is influenced by a decrease in estrogen, and the result is thinning of hair, compared to complete balding experienced by men. 

DHT blockers act together with testosterone to stop DHT from forming and attaching to hair follicles. When the bond is inhibited, normal hair growth patterns re-establish themselves. In addition to this, DHT blockers such as finasteride and minoxidil are FDA approved, hence they are trusted as a formula for hair regrowth.

2. Prevents prostate cancer

The two male hormones, testosterone and DHT are the ones that drive the development of prostate cancer. Even though the levels of testosterone decline as men age, the inverse happens with DHT. 

DHT levels increase with age and since it is responsible for the growth of the prostate cells, many men get prostate cancer. Men who are deficient in an enzyme known as 5 alpha-reductase type 2 are not at risk to develop an enlarged prostate. This is because the enzyme is required to convert testosterone into DHT, thus hindering prostate growth. 

Using finasteride and other DHT blockers lead to the reduction of the amount of the enzyme 5 alpha-reductase type 2, thus it is hypothesized that using it would prevent prostate cancer. Visit Hairlossable.com's guide to DHT Blockers to get the best DHT blocker that suits your needs.

3. Prevents manifestation of male characteristics in women

When excess testosterone is produced, the side effect is the production of too much DHT. When males have too much DHT production, the changes may be subtle. In women, however, production of excess DHT may result in the growth of facial hair, loss of hair and even increased amounts of acne. 

This will lead to low self-esteem in the affected party. To prevent this kind of unfortunate situation, women too can take DHT inhibitors, which will help reduce the amount of testosterone produced in their bodies, preventing the male characteristics. 

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