5 Reasons Kazakhstan Should be Your Next Asian Destination

Why Kazakhstan is Asia’s Most Underrated Holiday Destination

Hey! is Kazakhstan one of your holiday destination? Not many of us know that Kazakhstan is largest country in Central Asia and it one of the most underrated holiday destination. I'm keen to visit Kazakhstan because the country has got its own identity and uniqueness that is rich with history and culture. Do you know that Kazakhstan is also the ninth largest country in the world, and the biggest landlocked . In fact, it’s fairly rich in general, compared to many of its neighbours, thanks to an abundance of oil reserves and other valuable minerals. The land of Borat, this is not. Now, you can travel to Kazakhstan for up to 30 days without a visa and there are many reasons why the country should be your next holiday destination. 

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Here are the 5 Reasons Why Kazakhstan Should be Your Next Asian Destination:

1. Food

To get a sense of Kazakhstan’s culture, the Green Bazaar market hall in Almaty should be your first stop. There’s a wide variety of fresh produce, from apples that are famous in the region to local delicacies such as kurt, which are basically balls of dried cheese loved by the nomads. Or just browse in wonder at the huge stalls selling horsemeat and the chaotic bartering that takes place. 

2. Iconic Buildings

Capital city Astana is home to a mix of historic and modern day architecture. The gold-topped Nur Astana Mosque is the third-largest mosque in central Asia and iconic in design, surrounded by a mixture of interesting and much newer high-rise buildings. Then there’s the 97-metre tall Bayterek Tower with a golden egg on top, which you can get a lift up to and enjoy wonderful views of the city.

3. Wildlife

Outside of the cities, Kazakhstan has everything from the Charyn Canyon to great expanses of very little. Some of these desert camps offer more than you may at first think though and can be a great place to spot a variety of rare birds. It’s advised to go on a guided tour for the best chance of spotting anything though.

4. Skiing

If you’re after an adventure holiday in Asia then skiing could be just what you need (though the season runs from December to April). Only a half-an-hour drive from Almaty, the resort at Shymbulak is modern with a number of cafes and sauna complexes.

5. History

From the National Museum of the Republic of Kazakhstan to the Folk Musical Instruments, there’s a wide range of traditional to niche museums dotted around the main cities. The KarLag Museum is another top choice for history buffs, set in the old KarLag headquarters and walking visitors through the role in the Soviet Gulag Archipelago.

Kazakhstan has it all, from history and culture to wildlife and adventure. If you’re planning a trip to Asia then make sure it’s near the top of your list.

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