5 Crafty Gift Ideas for Social Workers

So the holidays are fast approaching and you've decided you're going to get something special for your social worker to show your appreciation for the influence they've had in your life. A simple thank you note would probably suffice to put a smile on their face, but why not go the extra mile and show that you care by giving an actual gift? The best gifts are those that convey a message and are frequently used by the recipient, so those are factors to consider when thinking up your gift idea. Check out what are the 5 types of crafty gift ideas that are perfect for a social worker.

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With that said, here are 5 types of crafty gift ideas that are perfect for a social worker:

1. Social Work Themed Coffee Mugs
There are tons of funny, appreciative, and personalized coffee mugs with name to choose from, many of which directly refer to social work. Let's face it, most social workers drink coffee because the job can be quite demanding in the focus of the department, especially if they're juggling their work with education by studying for a masters in social work online to further advance their career. If you're aware of which school they're going to, you might even consider getting a mug or other item themed for their university (i.e. - Rutgers Online).

2. T-shirts
T-shirts are another example of a commonly used/displayed item that can be customized with relevant slogans, jokes, statements, and quotes. Plus it's very easy to design and print your own personalized and the hundreds t-shirts at home, so getting a shirt press is something that will let you create custom T-shirt for other friends and family members as well.

3. Bags and Buttons
Every social worker has a bag that they use to carry their essentials out in the field. Getting your social worker a new bag that is engraved with a positive or humorous message is another idea. Alternatively, a more affordable yet similar wearable option would be a button pin. While most people won't be wearing the same button pin every day, it's a nice sentimental gift that they can wear on certain occasions or at special events.

4. Hats
Hats are another kind of clothing accessory that you can get crafty with. Although there are a ton of social work themed custom embroidered hats already available online, you could also design your own message using a personalized hat provider, or by embroidering it yourself. Of course, caps make the best gift hats because they're the most commonly worn kind and they're flexible enough to easily embroider.

5. Creative Card
Sometimes a well thought out card can be all it takes to bring a bit of joy to a social worker's day. Try to make the card's message personal and positive. For example, if you know they just recently earned their masters of social work online, you could base the card around a phrase like “Congratulations on earning your degree and advancing your career.”

Other Non-Crafty Gift Ideas Worth Noting
In closing, crafty gifts aren't the only things that social workers like, so if you'd rather keep it simple and choose something a little more straightforward, consider a tablet, PDA, or another mobile device that will help with their workflow and organization. You could also ask your social worker about their interests and hobbies to see if that might spur any gift ideas before making your decision.

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