An Effortless Way To Protect Yourself From The Sun

Sun Protection From Inside Out

As you know sun protection is very important especially when you go for your beach holiday. Not only we have to apply sufficient sun protection on our face and body, now we even have sun protection from inside out. That’s even better, the protection from within from Kinohimitsu UV Bright, red grape juice with grape seed extract and vitamin C. It is suitable for everyday consumption, and convenience to carry especially during travel or holiday.

An Effortless Way To Protect Yourself From The Sun
An Effortless Way To Protect Yourself From The Sun

Kinohimitsu UV-Bright is a functional drink for perfect fairness. It repulses the formation of melanin, thus reduces pigmentation and lighten skin tone from the deepest layer of the skin. It is also anti-aging and able to provide protection against harmful UV-rays for up to 9 hours. 

One of its key ingredients, Grape Seed Extraction (OPC), is one of the most amazing anti-ageing component. In addition to its powerful UV-protection, OPC also repairs damaged cells and elastin to restore skin youth, and prevent free radical damages by providing comprehensive antioxidant.  OPC also locks in moisture in the skin, keeping skin hydrated and firm.

Grape Polyphenols and Apple Polyphenol’s are 2 other star ingredients in Kinohimitsu UV-Bright, in which their antioxidant and whitening effects are 20 times of Vitamin C and 50 times of Vitamin E.

They continuously break down deposits of melanin (pigmentations) in the skin, repulse dark spots which have been formed and inhibit new formation of melanin. The skin brightening effects can happen as soon as in just 6 days.

Kinohimitsu UV-Bright 6’s is now available at Watsons and all leading pharmacies. Online shoppers can purchase this product directly from Watsons E-store at The usual price for Kinohimitsu UV-Bright 6’s is RM95.30, now selling at RM39.90 (this promotion valid from now till 31/12/2017).

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