Beautiful and Confident Smiles

Well as you know I can’t live without coffee, every morning I need my cuppa to kick start my day. As time goes by, coffee does stained my teeth bit by bit. You know right, I’m a cheerful person with lots of sunshine smiles so stained teeth does affect my mood. I got to do something about it if not the discoloration is getting more severe. Recently I discovered this teeth brightening product called Beautiful that helps to brighten my teeth.

Beautiful and Confident Smiles

Basically the Beautiful is a portable teeth whitening kit that is easy and convenient to use.  1 set comes with 1 led device, 1 whitening gel, 1 3-in-1 adaptor, color chart & certificate. Device doesn’t need to be charged and can keep using it. The only thing to repurchase the next time round is the whitening gel when it runs out.

Beautiful teeth whitening kit 

There are many teeth whitening products that are cheaper, is there any difference? Well in teeth whitening market, most toothpastes, dentrifices and white strips contains hydrogen peroxide. Although hydrogen peroxide can whiten our teeth, without cold light technology, it only acts on the surface, thus the whitening results are not lasting.

Beautiful teeth whitening

This Beautiful teeth whitening kit uses the most advanced tooth whitening technology, cold light technology which is almost identical to dental clinics that cost about SGD $600-$1000 per treatment.

Beautiful teeth whitening

When I started I use it once a day, after I brush my teeth before I go to bed. Then after 2 weeks I used it alternate days. The Beautiful whitening gel texture is transparent, no taste or scent. For those who has sensitive teeth if you feel slight sensation you may reduce the timing to 20 minutes instead of 30 minutes.

How to use Beautiful teeth whitening

How To Use:
1. Squeeze the whitening gel on the led device
2. Connect the led device to power source, I used my handphone
3. Put the led device into the mouth and adjust it to fit on our teeth
4. Leave it for about 20 to 30 minutes
5. Remove and gargle, your teeth will be brighter and shiner

Beautiful teeth whitening

Beautiful teeth whitening teeth whitening kit is suitable for genetics, aging, and consumption of staining substances (smoking, coffee, tea, and colas) are just a few reasons why teeth appear dark. Stained teeth by external causes e.g. coke or wine, smokers, discolouration caused by ageing, hereditary, poor oral hygiene, dental plaque, medication e.g. Tetracycline: an antibiotic that stains the teeth from a bright yellow shade to dark brown , dental fluorosis: It's an extremely common disorder, characterised by hypo-mineralization of tooth enamel caused by ingestion of excessive fluoride during enamel formation and  anyone who want a set of healthy white teeth.

For order, inquiries and more information please visit Beautiful White Teeth Instagram at @beutifulwhiteteeth

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