5 Things to Look For In An Engagement Ring

5 Things to Look For In An Engagement Ring

This is for the guyss... so you have dated for some time and after a while, you finally ready to settle with the woman of your dreams and intend to make it official by proposing to her. An engagement ring is one of the things that you need to purchase for the engagement. It is an item that signifies taking your relationship to the next level. Many men find it hard to choose the right engagement ring.  Men's ring choice is always simple. Most men choose classic black wedding rings. Unlike men, women's ring style is diverse so it is more difficult to make a choice.

5 Things to Look For In An Engagement Ring

Stores such as Voltaire Diamonds Dublin offer a range of different styles of engagement rings. Before you set foot in a store or start searching for engagement rings online stores, let’s take a look at some of the things that you should know about choosing the perfect engagement ring for your spouse to be.

1. Find out her taste and style

It is very important that you take note of your girlfriend’s taste in jewelry and her sense of style. This will help you in determining which engagement ring will suit her. Carry out a little research by talking to her closest friends to find out more about the perfect ring styles and shape that she might love.

Although most people are nowadays shopping for engagement rings with their partners, if you want to make it a surprise then you should definitely know her style. If you decide not to ask for assistance, then you should take note of what she frequently wears.

2. Stay within your budget

An engagement ring can be costly, but there are various options to choose that are within one’s budget. The myth on the two-month salary can be set aside and you purchase a ring that is within your range rather than going into debt. Furthermore, you will still need to have the money to proceed with the wedding plans.

3. Shape

The shape of an engagement ring indicates the stone’s geometry and needs to be decided on before you even decide on the C’s which are cut, color, clarity, and carat. Find out the shape that your girlfriend loves.

4. Ring size

If you are not shopping for an engagement ring with your girlfriend then you can slip a ring on her finger while she sleeps and mark the measurement or borrow a ring that she normally wears. Find out more about the style from an experienced jeweler if you don’t know her size to avoid purchasing a ring that might be too small or too big. This is because there are some that can be resized while others cannot.

5. Metal type

Various types of metal are available, one of the popular ones being platinum, which is durable and a great choice for those that have allergic reactions to particular metals. Metals like gold come in a variety of colors such as rose, white, yellow and evergreen. Choose a metal type that displays both style and elegance.

An engagement is one of those special days that create a lifetime memory that will stay long after you’ve gotten married and settled as a wedded couple. Make the right and perfect choice for that special event.

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