Victoria Sloane x FashionValet

Handbags is one of women must have accessories and the more the merrier. Recently, the exquisite and versatile handbag, Victoria Sloane by Rita Sosilawati was officially launched and available exclusively at FashionValet.

Victoria Sloane x FashionValet 

Victoria Sloane handbags exude the classic charm with versatile quality that enables the wearer to use it practically anywhere and at any time. I am sure many of us would like to own a handbag that can accommodate our every changing mood and style.

Victoria Sloane, official launched, FashionValet, Rita Sosilawati, Vivi Yusof,
The official launch of Victoria Sloane handbags exclusively at FashionValet 

Victoria Sloane handbag detachable strap allows its user to don it as a sling, shoulder bag or even a clutch, and can be used as a formal or semi-formal addition to one’s outfit. It’s so versatile right?

Rita Sosilawati presents a token of appreciation to Vivi Yusof

The handbag is made from PVC leather, it is completely hand-made and has a very durable quality with many compartments to accommodate the many trinkets and other various contents a woman would usually carry with her on a daily basis.

Victoria Sloane x FashionValet 

There are 2 different facades to the handbags – plain and croc and they come in a wide range of colours of maroon, gold, dusty pink, black, red, turquoise, nude, silver, yellow, brown, dark grey, dusty blue, dark blue and pearl white.

with Rita Sosilawati

It’s suitable from day to night; the shiny silver piece and also during the day for casual outings or even at work. While their bright colours like red and yellow give the fun and young mood. The navy, brown and dark grey will attract a more mature market. Needless to say, Victoria Sloane is suitable for women of varying ages. Its multifunctional and new lifestyle feature is what makes them unique from other bags.

Victoria Sloane yellow handbag

Victoria Sloane is now available exclusively available at FashionValet on their website as well as FashionValet physical stores in Bangsar Village II and Singapore. It is priced at RM229 each.

Victoria Sloane official launched exclusively available on x FashionValet 

For more information about Victoria Sloane x FashionValet please visit Victoria Sloane Instagram or FashionValet Website #victoriasloane #fashionvalet


  1. nice and affordable price too.

  2. Awh love that Victoria Sloane is now available on Fashion Valet. The bags look incredible Kels! :)

  3. Love that handbag.. it looks easy to mix and match with just about anything... you look amazing too... hehehe

  4. The bags look luxury. I would love to own the red colour bag for my CNY celebration.

  5. Nice handbag collection, I like the pink, my favorite color :)

  6. I have a weakness for handbags but I really can't carry such small bags. I like the yellow one, though.


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