Mid-Autumn Festival 2016: Komugi Otsukimi Mooncakes

How is your preparation for this year Mid-Autumn Festival? Usually we will buy mooncakes and teas for your family, friends or business associates. Nowadays there are many types of mooncakes and brands in the market. Here is one of them that I find something special, Komugi Otsukimi Mooncakes. Do you know what is Otsukimi?

Mid-Autumn Festival 2016: Komugi Otsukimi Mooncakes

Well, Otsukimi is the yearly moon-watching festival in Japan, it also known as Jugoya to honor the autumn moon, especially on the 15th of the eighth month according to the lunar calendar. This is kind of the similar to the Mid-Autumn Festival here in Malaysia. Otsukimi is also associates with rabbits and mochi (soft glutinous rice cakes) because legend says that a rabbit living on the moon and pounding mochi with old-style wooden hammer; and his shape can be discerned in the dark parts of the moon.

Komugi Otsukimi Mooncakes Low Sugar White Lotus, German Black Forest, Azuki Milk and Green Tea Apricot

Ok now we are done with what is Otsukimi all about, next we are going to share about the delicate Komugi Otsukimi Mooncakes. Have you tried them? I love Komugi pastries, cakes and bread. And now I am hooked on their mooncakes. My family have finished the whole box of Komugi mooncakes before the Mid-Autumn Festival arrive so I bought another 3 boxes for my family and my best friend at the supermarket last week.

Here are their 4 signature flavours; the Low Sugar White Lotus, German Black Forest, Azuki Milk, and Green Tea Apricot.

 Komugi Otsukimi Mooncakes: Green Tea Apricot

Green Tea Apricot
The Green Tea Apricot is my favourite among the four flavours. I love the moderate and balanced green tea and the sweet flagrant apricot flavours. Both blend in so well and do not over power each other.

 Komugi Otsukimi Mooncakes: Low Sugar White Lotus

Low Sugar White Lotus
This Low Sugar White Lotus is my parents favourite, they love the aroma of white lotus paste blend with peanut oil. The moment I cut it, I can smell the aroma that makes me salivate. Plus this is low sugar so its friendly for those who watch or control their sugar intake.

 Komugi Otsukimi Mooncakes: German Black Forest

German Black Forest
The German Black Forest is my nieces and nephews favourite and also my favourite too. We love chocolate because it makes us feel good and happy. The chocolate paste with blackcurrant and the center is sweet cherries. The chocolate is rich and creamy. Its well-balanced with blackcurrant flavour with the right amount of sweetness.

 Komugi Otsukimi Mooncakes: Azuki Milk

Azuki Milk
The traditional mooncake filling with a twist, its red bean paste and the center is milk and nuts.

Overall Komugi Otsukimi Mooncakes are flavours are contemporary which give a new twist. The combinations of each mooncake flavours are balanced. When I eat it I don’t feel too heavy. The sweetness is moderate and the filling texture is smooth.

Komugi Otsukimi Mooncakes Low Sugar White Lotus, German Black Forest, Azuki Milk, and Green Tea Apricot

For more information about Mid-Autumn Festival 2016: Komugi Otsukimi Mooncakes, please visit Komugi Malaysia Facebook and Website 

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