7 Tips to Become a Pro in Online Shopping

Online shopping is part and parcel of our lifestyle already. As we shop most of our stuff online, we need to be smart also. Here are some of the tips and tricks to become a pro in online shopping

7 Tips to Become a Pro in Online Shopping

1. Browse Around First to Compare Shop
Nowadays maybe there are few online stores selling the same type of shoes or dresses. All you have to do is browse around to compare the shop selling price first. Some shop might be having their clearance, anniversary or special sale then you can get a good deal.

2. Sign up for emails or newsletters list
If you are their subscribers you get the latest information about what is new and what is on sale or you could get an introductory offer when you first sign up. 

3. Use coupon or voucher code website
Search for coupon or voucher code websites so that you can save more and do more shopping. For example, cuponation, paylesser, flipit and many more

4. Use the Right Credit Card when Checkout
Oh yes! You have to take note also credit card also has rewards points and the billing dates. Some credit card points can be used to redeem shopping vouchers or products.

5. Shop on the Right Day
After a while I monitor the online shopping site, there is a trend or pattern. Certain day of the week actually has a lot to do with how good the deals are. For example, Sunday is the best day to buy airfare, while other online retailers tend to release offers on Wednesday and Thursday for their products.

6. Follow your Favourite Store on Social Media
Online retailers will also announce their exclusive deals, promotions or sales on their social media. Or sometimes they may run a contest or special buy on certain days or hours. Follow your favorite stores on Facebook to get the their latest updates.

7. Add your Favourite Items in Your Cart or Wish List
Yes I always add my favourite products or items in your cart or wish list and wait if there is any promo or discount later. Sometime when the items are on promo or discount I get an email.

These are the 7 Tips & Tricks to Become a Pro in Online Shopping. Save more so that you can shop more. 


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  3. Great tips shared while doing online shopping!

  4. Nice tips shared for online shopping!


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