6 Beach Ready Swimwear Styles To Stand Out This Summer

Now that we're turning in our knitwear, and preparing our beach-bodies for the new season, it's time to have a look at what styles are going to make the biggest splash this summer with our tips for the best beach-ready fashions and designer swimwear.  It's not always easy to find your style, which is why we've put together this list to help you choose the new you.

6 Beach Ready Swimwear Styles To Stand Out This Summer

The Scoop on Swimwear
A staple of the summer, what beach-ready list could begin without just gabbing on about bikinis and boardshorts? As always, whether you’ve been strolling past billboards for FELLA swimwear, or exploring the sand with other eager water-lovers who can't wait for things to get hot, it's easy to see what's going to be making waves this summer.

Sharpened Image
Angular designs are back for bikinis in a big way, especially when it comes to our water-wear! Slowly replacing the fluffier, softer looks of the last few years, defined lines, gradients, and monochromatic colouring have been popping up more and more, and we love it. This look brings elegance and luxury to the beach, and gives of a natural air of confidence to everything that you choose to do while showing yourself off.

Planning on leaving a little more to the imagination? No problem! Since the Halter cut has continued as the go-to choice for a cute, classy, form fitting swimsuit, the main changes have been in colour palette choices. Muted shades and simple, more matte looks have become a staple with brands such as Tori Praver and Zimmermann, to name just two companies that have embraced this look in a big way!

To suit the sharp designs coming back into the limelight, high-waisted bottoms are making a big impact. This trend, which doesn't just apply to swimwear by any means, has been rearing its head in the last few years, and we are thrilled that this cute look hasn't lost its lustre as we draw near the end of 2016.

Resting just around the waist, this curve-catching style fits perfectly with cutoff shirts, crop tops, and any other style of overwear that allows you to show off what you've got.

Palette Praise
As we hinted at earlier, minimalist designs are in! Black fades into bright shades and colours make a bold, confident statement for your body that will be difficult to ignore against the sand and surf.
For those that love to express themselves with colour, this style doesn't have to leave you out! Blending in some sizzling pinks or soft blues is a great way to stay with what you like, while still keeping up with the trends.

While we can always tell you the styles and colours that are in for the season, we can't tell you what will be the best fit for you! As long as you are keeping what's happening for fashion in mind, allowing self expression is the most important part of any outfit, swimwear or otherwise.

We can't always affect how fashion is going to change and shift from year to year, but continuing to acknowledge new trends and styles will allow you to find one that suits your shape, personality and preferences.

Hopefully you've found something new to think about when preparing your beach bod for the open air. If not, keep looking! There is a world of new things to explore when you know where to look, and with the right amount of diligence, you’re sure to find a look that you absolutely love.

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