Comfort Zone Sublime Skin Beauty in Malaysia

New skincare brand in Malaysia! The Italian signature of Skin, Science and Soul, [comfort zone] is now in Malaysia. Recently [comfort zone] launched its Sublime Skin Beauty range at the EOS Wellness Centre in Kuala Lumpur. According to Comfort Zone philosophy, skin is the mirror of our mental wellbeing, physical state and the daily choices we make.

Comfort Zone Sublime Skin Beauty 

[comfort zone] is founded by Dr Davide Bollati in 1996 in Italy. His mission for the family-owned company is to promote a holistic, soulful, healthy and sustainable lifestyle, with advanced science-based conscious solutions. SKIN is their focus, SCIENCE is their guide and SOUL is what makes their offer unique. 

[comfort zone] represents a complete system of care for the skin, body and soul. Each [comfort zone] product is created without parabens, mineral oils, artificial colours, sulphates, animal derivatives and MIT (Methylisothiazolinone).

[comfort zone] Sublime Skin Beauty

[comfort zone] Sublime Skin Beauty
[comfort zone] Sublime Skin Range Developed for Re-building the Pillars of Skin Active Lifting and Deep Renewal. Sublime Skin is the new integrated programme of homecare, professional treatments and lifestyle recommendations developed by [comfort zone] to rebuild DEGENER-AGING™ - the structural degeneration of the skin architecture. Sublime Skin effectively restores the three skin pillars such as water, proteins and lipids, for deep renewals and active lifting from within.  

[comfort zone] product is a SCIENCE-BASED CONSCIOUS FORMULA™ without silicones and contains 92% natural-origin ingredients. The absence of silicones also represents a true innovation for the [comfort zone] Sublime Skin products, to ensure all formulas are active on the skin. 

DIY Active Lift Massage demo by Antonella Latilla, [comfort zone] International Spa Treatment Development and Education Master 

DIY Active Lift Massage developed with Antonella Latilla, International Spa Treatment Development and Education Master. A mini facial everyday routine to maximize the benefit of Sublime Skin range, and to help to detoxify, oxygenate and lift the skin. The massage technique is available on [comfort zone] Youtube channel “SUBLIME SKIN ACTIVE LIFT DIY MASSAGE”.

The [comfort zone] Sublime Skin product line has a flowery scent of peony, magnolia and violet leaf harmonize in a base of musk, vetiver and sandalwood. The scent exudes a touch of feminine elegance that celebrates the soul and natural aspect of the products. 

The [comfort zone] Sublime Skin range of home care products consists of a serum, a cream and a rich cream, eye cream, a skin peel pad and eye patch.

[comfort zone] Sublime Skin Serum

[comfort zone] Sublime Skin Serum, 30ml @ RM498
The Sublime Skin serum is an innovative creamy anti-aging serum with active lifting replumping effect with the exclusive ARCHI-LIFT™ technology. It redensifies and softens the wrinkles and bestows an even, overall luminosity to the skin. 

[comfort zone] Sublime Skin cream

[comfort zone] Sublime Skin cream, 60ml @ RM448
The Sublime Skin Cream and Sublime Skin Rich Cream deliver active lifting and replumping effect.  The exclusive ARCHI-LIFT™ technology restores the skin’s architecture and bestows a tighter and more defined appearance.  The Sublime Skin Cream nourishes, replumps, redensifies and softens the wrinkles.  The formula is rich in nourishing butters and oils.

[comfort zone] Sublime Skin Eye Cream

[comfort zone] Sublime Skin Eye Cream, 15ml @ RM328
The Sublime Skin eye cream delivers nourishing, firming and filler effect for the eye contour.  It is formulated to correct the structural and genetic alterations which time and lifestyle take adverse effect on the skin, such as wrinkles, puffiness and crow’s feet. 

[comfort zone] Sublime Skin Peel Pad, 14 pieces single use @ RM228
The Sublime Skin peel pad is formulated with alpha and poly-hydroxy acids combined with Vitamin C and Vitamin PP.  It delivers quick and intensive activity for renewal and correction, by exfoliating, resurfacing and bestowing luminosity. 

[comfort zone] Sublime Skin Eye Patch, 6 sachets with 2 patches in each sachet @ RM298
The Sublime Skin eye patch is a refreshing and corrective hydrogel mask formulated with peptides for intensive action. It gives immediate relief to the eye area and visibly corrects, in just a few minutes, signs of fatigue and puffiness.

Price: The retail price of the [comfort zone] Sublime Skin Serum is RM498 (30ml), the Cream is RM448 (60ml), the Rich Cream is RM498 (60ml), the Eye Cream is RM328 (15ml), the Peel Pad is RM228 (14 pieces single use) and the Eye Patch is RM298 (6 sachets with 2 patches in each sachet).

Availability: The [comfort zone] products are available at over 20 beauty salons nationwide.

For more information about [comfort zone] Sublime Skin Beauty Skincare Range, please visit [comfort zone] Website or contact Cheerful Beauteepro at 03-2141 9928/9037 or Email:


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