6 Tips for Exploring the Sights and Sounds in Bali

Bali is a place that is full of stories and adventures; of places to go and things to see and do. Traveling to Bali with Travezl tour packages is easy to do. So easy in fact that it seemed like a good idea to write an article with a few tips on exploring Bali safely, to ensure that you have a good time.

6 Tips for Exploring the Sights and Sounds of Bali

Bring Water
Bali’s tap waters aren’t safe to drink. That’s a well-documented fact, and enough people have contracted “Bali Belly” from the water who can tell you in no uncertain terms that the water is not to be trusted. Bottled water is fine, it comes from a controlled source and it isn’t very expensive, so you should have no problems with buying and drinking bottled water. Stay hydrated in the heat, but do it with bottled water.

Avoid the Monkeys
Before this point gets made, you should know that the monkeys area tourist hotspot in Bali. No matter where they are, people want to see them so they go to see them. It’s a good idea to keep a safe distance from the monkeys is the point we’re trying to make. Go see them, take pictures, and enjoy their antics, but do it from a safe distance. Monkeys attack, scratch, bite and steal from tourists every day, and you wouldn’t want to begin your holiday with a monkey attack.

Try The Food
It used to be that most food in Bali had a chance of giving you Bali Belly due to the slightly more lax food safety standards around in those days. Now, you can usually tell if a place is trustworthy or not by whether the locals eat there or not. If you see a relatively empty place in a busy tourist spot, warning bells are ringing. The food is incredible, and delicious, and different to almost anything you’ve tried before, but all of that goes out the window if you’re eating it at a place that will make you physically and repeatedly sick.

Respect the Religion
When traveling around Bali, it is very important to respect the locals, and to respect the local’s religion. That means wearing a sarong down to your knees in the temples and a sash around your waist, and generally covering your knees and shoulders when out and about. Obviously in a dire situation this isn’t going to be a slap in the face to almost anyone, but it is worth noting that you represent your country when you travel, and to insult another person’s religious beliefs is a poor representation.

Obey The Law
Sometimes another country’s laws might seem silly or unreasonable to a foreigner, however that doesn’t excuse them from obeying them. Its good to have Travel SIM so that you can check the rules or regulations online on the spot. When in Bali, respect the law. If a policeman tells you to move on, or pay a fine, you do those things. As far as drugs go, possession of illicit substances in Bali is either life imprisonment or the death penalty, so really think about that before you decide to buy and carry a controlled substance.

Be Firm
When in Bali, you will be pestered by salespeople. You might not be ready for the lengths at which these people are willing to go to sell you a trinket or a pair of sunglasses, but be ready for shock and awe. If you aren’t interested at all, the easiest thing to do is ignore their advances entirely. Get a Bali SIM Card upon arrival so that you can search for the places to shop. This might seem rude by a westerner’s standards, but it would be more rude to waste their time looking at their wares and not buying, so if your goal is to get through the crowd without buying anything, don’t even make eye contact.

Bali is a wonderful, fun, and adventurous place, with many things to be tried and many things to learn, but some of the lessons to be learned are harsh, and the goal of this article is to prevent you from seriously injuring yourself or accidentally committing a serious offense.

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