THREE Cosmetics for the Mind, Body and Skin

Hey! Have you tried the new Japanese skincare in town that called THREE? This is an holistic skincare that refreshes the soul and makeup for a more positive you. THREE Cosmetics from Japan focus on achieving balance of the mind, body and skin. The products ingredients are mainly from plant-based and essential oils, even their makeup. 

THREE Cosmetics for the Mind, Body and Skin

Recently, the much-anticipated organic beauty brand, THREE has opened the doors of its first flagship store outside of its home ground. The brand marks its store debut in Kuala Lumpur, located at Lot 4.01.04, Pavilion Kuala Lumpur. 

You can find a wide range of beauty products such as skincare, makeup, hair care and body care are housed within its simplistic, pristine interior and minimalistic style. Overall THREE products packaging are very minimalist and clean.

Principally composed of essential oils, organic botanical oils, botanical waters and botanical extracts, the brand’s products use the ingenuity of science and technology to make the most of their abundant benefits. Even the makeup range creates an expression brimming with vitality, and translucent shades that melt onto your skin while enhancing definition with each layer applied.

THREE Balancing Cleansing Oil

I have tried some of THREE products, one of them are their number best-seller Balancing Cleansing Oil. It so gentle on the skin, with essential oil, removes makeup and impurities without drying the skin.

THREE Balancing Foam 

Another one is the Balancing Foam which is also one of the top 10 best-sellers. It’s a gentle cleanser with dense foam and it cleanse the impurities and leaving the skin smooth and soft.

THREE Makeup  

Basically THREE products are based on achieving balance of the mind, body and skin, the offspring of the bounty of the natural world and Japanese craftsmanship. Founded on the concept of ‘the new basics for having fun with fashion’, our makeup range consists of a line-up of products that allow women with busy everyday lives to transform their look quickly and easily, creating a sophisticated, stylish impression.

THREE Fundamentals:
1. Does not use parabens.
2. Does not conduct animal testing.
3. Uses certified organic ingredients as much as possible.

Trying out some of THREE Cosmetics makeup and skincare at their store at 
Pavilion KL 

Overall, I find that THREE is suitable for those who are looking for plant-based and essential oils products. Its gentle, mild and emphasis on skin balance. Therefore their products are suitable for almost all skin type and safe to use.

THREE Store @ Lot 4.01.04 Pavilion KL

For more information about THREE Cosmetics Malaysia, please visit their Facebook, Website and Instagram

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