Review: Innergie LifeHub Plus Traveler’s Power Pack

As a blogger what are the gadgets that we must have when we travel? Well for me I must have my smartphone, camera, powerbank and laptop when I travel. Mobile devices have become part of our life but ensuring that these mobile devices are constantly up and running can be quite a challenge. Traveling Companion has taken on a whole new meaning for frequent travelers like us. Recently I discovered Innergie LifeHub Plus that enables speedy charging for multiple devices at once. 

Review: Innergie LifeHub Plus Traveler’s Power Pack

Have you faced the situation whereby the hotel room has limited power socket but we have a few devices on low battery and need to be charged. That is so stressful and frustrating because as a blogger when we travel we have update our social media, check our emails, upload blog post, submit draft and get ready our camera batteries for the next day.
Unboxing Innergie LifeHub Plus

Innergie products make life easier wherever I travel. As of now they have innovative charging solution consisting of three products – PowerGear ICE 65 (travel adapter), WizardTip (attachable super-speed USB charging connector), and LifeHub Plus (a charging hub).

When I saw the Innergie LifeHub Plus, I knew that I need it for my next trip. Finally, I am so happy have a unit Innergie LifeHub Plus to be my travel companion. Here is my unboxing of Innergie LifeHub Plus; the unit consist of 1 LifeHub Plus USB Power Hub, 1 Power Adapter, 1 AC Input Cable and 1 User Manual. All Innergie products come with 3-year limited warranty as a safeguard and guarantee of product quality.

I like the amazing Teardrop aesthetics design. The LifeHub Plus is so sleek and smart looking in white. When we plug in to power socket, the smart LED indicator light will let us know status instantly. If the blue LED is on means the LifeHub Plus is drawing power from a wall socket after plugging in.

Innergie LifeHub Plus comes with three-port mobile super-speed charging hub

Basically it is a three-port mobile super-speed charging hub which makes my life easier whenever I travel or at home. I can charge my smartphone, powerbank and smart watch at once. The high-output ports can handle charging of smartphones, tablets, portable game consoles, and virtually any other mobile device with USB.

With built-in smart chips, the LifeHub Plus can detect the type of devices attached and adjust power from its three USB ports accordingly. All three ports can deliver 2.4A of output for super-speedy charging, and provide maximum compatibility with USB mobile devices. So our mobile devices can be charged safely and at a fast speed.  

Innergie’s InnerShield™ Protection Technology

With its three USB ports enable us to charge multiple devices at once or we can also share or give a power boost to our friends’ and family’s devices. Plus Innergie products are safer with Innergie’s InnerShield™ Protection Technology, all of our devices are protected from over-current, over-voltage, over-temperature, and short-circuiting, giving you stable power and peace of mind.

With its three USB ports enable us to charge multiple devices

Innergie GreenSense™ Technology helps to save the planet with extremely high power efficiency, you can reduce your energy costs and reduce your carbon footprint. All Innergie products, like all products manufactured by Delta, are covered by product liability insurance with a USD1 million limit, providing even greater peace of mind when in use. 

For more information about Innergie LifeHub Plus Traveler’s Power Pack, please visit Innergie Website at

Traveler's Power Pack consists of
PowerGear ICE 65, WizardTip and LifeHub Plus 

Currently Innergie is offering the trio together as a special "Traveler's Power Pack" with limited quantities where you can purchase the PowerGear ICE 65 (single UK plug) with WizardTip and LifeHub Plus at 20% discount for only RM325.60 (UP RM407.00), or purchase the PowerGear ICE 65 (single UK plug) and get a free WizardTip (worth RM39.00) for only RM209.00. The ‘Traveler’s Power Pack’ is available on LAZADA at

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  1. Innergie LifeHub Plus is the best device for traveler, from it we can charge multiple device at a time. I always use to travel long journey, So that it is important for me. The USB Charging Hub provides the way to charge multiple device at a time.


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