Four Nines, 3 Factors for the Good Frame

What are the important factors when you choose your glass frame? It is comfort, trend, style or complements your face shape? Well we want to find out too. 999.9 or Four Nines refers to the quality identification of pure gold, which always strive towards perfection to reach to 1,000. For 20 years, Four Nines have been developing original structure to create the best pair of glasses with the best comfort and all made in Japan.

Four Nines 3 Factors for the Good Frame  

Four Nines is the number 1 Eyewear in Japan with over 500 dealers throughout Japan including 25 Four Nines Shops selling only Four Nines product in Japan and Singapore. Internationally, Four Nines is already sold in over 180 shops by 12 different countries. And now Four Nines is available in Malaysia.

Mr Itabashi Toshiyuki, Executive Director, Head of Merchandise, Publicity & Promotion demo on how easy to adjust the frame to fir our face

During Four Nines workshop at G-Tower, Mr Itabashi Toshiyuki, Executive Director, Head of Merchandise, Publicity & Promotion presented their brand concept and uniqueness of their products in depth.

The launch of 999.9 aka Four Nines at G-Tower, Kuala Lumpur

Four Nines glasses are developed under the concept, “glasses should be fine tools.” Why do people wear glasses?  Most of the time, it is because they want to see. Glasses must be designed with its true function “to correct vision” first in mind. So all Four Nines production is based on functionality, where the design naturally comes along.

Four Nines’ glasses are already designed to fit with comfort as a product itself, by giving a curve on the temple. Therefore, if you try the glasses on from the shelves, you could feel the comfort.

Four Nines 3 factors for the good frame:-

Four Nines Gyaku-R Hinge

1. Comfortable To Wear
Many feel pain on the back of their ear when they wear glasses because they need to hook the glasses on their ears. Therefore, Four Nines introduce a new style of wearing glasses, which is to wrap around the head, instead of hanging glasses on your ears. Four Nines glasses are able to hold the sides of wearer’s head with comfort with Gyaku-R Hinge that able to absorb stress applied onto the frame.

2. Strong Durable Products
Four Nines frame is designed strong from deformation, so that they could withstand to stress applied in normal use, likely to maintain its best condition for long.

Four Nines glasses 

3. Easy To Adjust
I am sure you all have experience of finding difficulties to adjust plastic frame. Four Nines makes it easy to make adjustment because you do not need to make a lot of additional adjustment for perfect comfort.

Four Nines glasses 

Four Nines treats glasses to be an instrument to correct vision; their main focus is how the glasses could be worn with comfort, how durable the glasses could be in regular use and how the glasses could be fit best to each consumer’s head. All Four Nines glasses promises all three factors to their production.

For more information about 999.9 or Four Nines 3 factors for the Good Frame, please visit 999.9 Website and Facebook 

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