New Fabulous Flavours @ Juice Works

Ah… the hot and hazy weather like this make me craved for more smoothies and juices. What is your favourite smoothie flavour? I am not that particular when it comes to fruits or vegetables juices because I love most of them. Recently Juice Works Malaysia introduced its colourful new menu that is chockfull of tempting treats with fabulous flavours.

New Tempting Tastes & Fabulous Flavours @ Juice Works 

So here are the vivid new menus or drinks that are available at Juice Works kiosks in Malaysia. It’s the delicious way to consume more fruits and vegetables in our daily diet. So which one is your favourite, the supergreen hero, pineapple colada, veggie zinger, mango punch?

Supergreen Hero

Supergreen Hero – this truly superb drink fuels the busiest superheroes in your life and includes spinach, honey, jackfruit, coconut water and coconut milk, and finished with a dab of creamy, yummy vanilla ice cream that’s low fat of course.

Pineapple Colada

Pineapple Colada – the perfect pick-me-up on sunny days is this refreshing concoction of pineapple, orange, lime, coconut milk and sorbet blended to perfection with smooth low-fat vanilla ice cream. 

Veggie Zinger

Veggie Zinger – who would have thought that this zesty blend of beetroot, cucumber, orange and ginger could taste so good?

Mango Punch

Mango Punch – this vibrant juice truly packs a knock-out punch with its astounding array of lifegiving benefits with carrots, orange, mango and pineapple.

Ooo… I think I love all of them especially the veggie zinger when my stomach is bloated ginger is good. The pineapple colada is such a summery drinks, when thirst and satisfaction.

However, the all-time favourites remain on the menu. They include the ever perennially popular Lychee Paradise, an artful mix of lychees with mango, apple juice and sorbet; Berry Licious, a simply beautiful blend of strawberries, mixed berries, banana with apple juice and low fat berries yogurts, as well as the irresistible Body Builder with its protein laden mix of fresh bananas, strawberries, low fat milk, sorbet and low-fat berries yoghurt.

A favourite juice to fall back on any time for tired bodies and exhausted minds is the Immuno Kick, blending the best of apples, carrots and oranges to deliver an instant boost to your health in one single convenient cup.

To further enhance the already rich repertoire of vitamins and antioxidants would be the fresh shots of pure wheatgrass available in 20ml that can be consumed on its own with a wedge of fresh orange to offset the bitter taste, or mixed into the drinks. Grown from wheat seeds, wheatgrass is rich with chlorophyll.

For more information about the New Tempting Tastes & Fabulous Flavours, please visit Juice Works Malaysia Facebook Page & Website


  1. Love the veggie zinger...yummy...

  2. i love mango.. so i choose mango punch.. haha.. im trhirsty already


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