Relationship Between Dermaroller Micro-needling and Collagen

When you need to treat skin problems, Micro-needling is one possible solution. It's a process that can help you to treat a variety of skin issues but it is mostly used to treat old acne scars. Over the time, this treatment can help to restore skin smoothness and there are different forms of it. One of the most common is called Dermaroller, it works because it convinces our body to generate more collagen naturally. That's why it can sometimes also be known as collagen induction therapy. But why collagen is so important?

Relationship Between Dermaroller Micro-needling and Collagen

Micro-Needling first came into the spotlight when Orentreich and Orentreich published a medical report on it in 1995. A couple years later other experts, Camirand and Doucet, proposed the idea of adapting the treatment to be done using “tattoo pistols” to make the process easier. But it wasn't until 2006 that the Dermaroller idea was proposed by  Fernandes, making it one of the newer micro-needling methods on today's market.

What the Dermaroller Tool Looks Like
The Dermaroller tool looks a lot like it sounds. It's a small roller device with a handle that can be held by the user and rolled over the skin's surface in the area to be treated. Some people think that it looks a bit like a paint roller. But the major difference is that it is studded with a bunch of small needles. They can have a length as short as 0.5 mm or be a bit longer, but not much. While a skin treatment machine with a laser attached uses light and heat to correct skin problems, Dermaroller uses a completely different technique.

The Relationship Between Dermaroller and Collagen
Collagen is a protein, it works with other proteins, hormones, and natural substances to hold skin together while still giving it a certain bit of elasticity. That way it has the ability to expand or contract, sort of like a balloon. 

The aging process naturally causes production of all of those substances to slow down, making the elasticity go out of your skin a bit. That's what leads to the development of annoying wrinkles and sags. That's when therapies and treatments like Dermaroller become necessary because it helps our body to generate more collagen naturally.

In the case of acne scarring, one thing that can cause the scars is uneven collagen distribution. It's possible to still have plenty of it, but not have it going to the right places. That can cause a build up of scar tissue. If you have less collagen than you should in a certain spot, it can cause depressions in the skin's surface, or indented scars. Dermaroller doesn't just encourage more collagen production, but also helps the collagen to be distributed evenly.

Having Dermaroller Treatment or Doing it Yourself
You can get Dermarollers or smaller Dermastamps yourself for home use, but many people prefer professional treatment. A professional can completely numb and sterilize the treatment area. They can also help you with tips for aftercare and controlling any side effects, such as temporary oozing or bleeding. So, if you want the best Dermaroller results, you should probably seek out professional help. 

Just remember that, regardless of whether you have professional treatment or do it at home, it will be an ongoing process. A single treatment won't cure all of your scars and wrinkles right away.

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