PLLA Collagen Stimulator Treatment (Derma Veil)

Do you know that our body lose and produce less collagen as we age. That is why we have sagging skins, wrinkles, uneven contour and many more. Not only that, if you look closer at the mirror we also faced facial volume loss, such as sunken eyes, thinning lips, sagging cheeks and etc. As the fatty tissues beneath our skin deteriorate and become depleted. This is my first experience trying out the PLLA Collagen Stimulator Treatment. Let’s see how does it work?

PLLA Collagen Stimulator Treatment

According to Dr. Adam Tan this PLLA (Derma Veil) Collagen Stimulator Treatment helps to boost and stimulate our body to produce our own collagen to address facial volume loss and can provide long-lasting results by increasing the skin’s elasticity.

PLLA Collagen Stimulator Treatment, Clinic Tropicana
Dr Adam Tan accessing my skin and face contour

Before the treatment, Dr Adam assessed my skin and showed me the areas that my facial volume start to loss or some areas are already getting obvious. Areas like below my eyes, temples, nasolabial folds and marionette’s line. These are the areas spotted and needed some collagen booster. 

PLLA Collagen Stimulator Treatment, Clinic Tropicana
Apply numb cream and leave it for 30 minutes before the treatment 

Then the nurse applied numbing cream all over my face and I waited for about 30 minutes for the numb cream to take effect. After that I can’t feel anything at all when Dr. Adam injected the PLLA Collagen Stimulator on the targeted areas.

PLLA Collagen Stimulator Treatment, Clinic Tropicana
Before the treatment & face mapping

Face mapping and these are the areas that required some collagen booster. The Derma Veil PLLA main ingredient is Poly-L-lactic acid and also contains glycolic acid. The basis of this ingredient is lactic acid, which is the same chemical created by our muscles after we exercise. So when injected into the skin, it affects the wrinkles and hollowness in two ways.

Firstly, it provides some immediate volume under the skin to reduce the appearance of wrinkles. However, the immediate result is not as dramatic as hyaluronic acid filler.

Secondly, the PLLA molecules stimulate the body’s production of collagen over time, which helps increase the skin’s thickness. These medium-term effects are the primary benefits of this filler, as they increase your skin’s resiliency against gravity, repetitive facial movements and loss of volume.

PLLA Collagen Stimulator Treatment, Clinic Tropicana
During PLLA Collagen Stimulator Treatment

During the injection, I can feel the sensation and certain areas which are more sensitive hurts a little bit but the pain is bearable because of the numb cream (9.6% topical anaesthetic cream) before any treatment to minimise the pain and discomfort during treatment.

However, the needle is very very fine and the solution injected is a little bit only. The initial injections are applied gradually over 3 to 4 sessions, in 3 to 4 months. Basically its one a month till you see the results that you wish. Typically results will improve over the course of the initial treatment and will last more than 25 months.

Immediately after the treatment, my face it’s a bit red and slightly swollen on certain spots. So it’s advisable to rest at home and reduce going out or expose to sun. The face massage after the treatment are important basically is 5 times a day for 5 minutes each time and do it for 5 days. For me after 2 days, it heals completely and back to normal. 

After more than 10 days when I look closely at the mirror I can see that the sunken laugh line and under eyes began to become less visible. The temples began to feel more even. I did my first session last month so the results will take a while to look more prominent.

PLLA Collagen Stimulator Treatment, Clinic Tropicana
3 weeks after the PLLA Collagen Stimulator Treatment

The PLLA Collagen Stimulator Treatment results are gradual because our body need time to build collagen by itself. Overall my whole face look more plumped and lifted. I am looking forward for my second session this month.

Dr. Adam Tan has helped thousands of patients regain their youthful, beautiful appearance with PLLA injectable treatment, along with insight and sensitivity, to the art of minimal invasive aesthetic medicine.

PLLA Collagen Stimulator Treatment, Clinic Tropicana
PLLA Collagen Stimulator Treatment @ Clinic Tropicana

Clinic Tropicana is located in the beautiful neighbourhood of Tropicana, Petaling Jaya, Dr Adam’s clinic is famous for cosmetic medical treatment of the face and also provides the latest cutting edge anti aging treatment. If you have any questions regarding Dr Adam’s cosmetic and anti-aging treatments, or wish to schedule a consultation, please call 03-8605-3622 or email

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