5 Trending Winter 2016 Accessories

As the summer is slowly drawing to a close and the season of snow, wind and rain will surely take over. That being said have you considered looking into what wardrobe and jewellery you’ll be wearing come the winter? Winter and summer wardrobe are completely different, with summer moving to a dainty and vibrant style, whereas winter will require bulkier, moving towards more neutral colours. It’s time to refresh your wardrobe and we’ve come up with 5 pieces to help you through the transition.

5 Trending Winter 2016 Accessories  

The Winter Scarf
The winter scarf will be your go too for those cold commutes on a morning. Whatever size, colour and style you choose, you’ll need one. It can be seen as one of the most important, or essential accessories that is needed for winter, especially as the weather can take us all by surprise. In terms of price you’ll find yourself picking up a long-lasting scarf for a cheap price!

Hats can be something that ridiculously tricky to buy, especially as you need something you’ll suit. You’ll need to experiment and see exactly what suits you. Whether you choose the standard and most popular woolly hat, or just loose fitted one, you’ll need to consider it! Bobble hats are extremely popular; winter beanies as are wool headbands! The choice is purely down to you and all you need to do is decide between each one!

Your jewellery should move towards statement pieces, moving away from thinner summery jewellery. There are a whole host of options to choose from, including statement necklaces with loose diamonds, or even watches. Look for brands that have a range of styles available to you, which can include Theo Fennell, U-Boat Watches and even Clogau! Your jewellery should be carefully selected, especially as it’s something that will come at a higher price!

Your Footwear
Similar to winter scarfs, winter boots are an essential. You will need something that provides you will adequate support should the weather turn for the worst. Whether you choose Uggs, Chelsea boots or brogues, you’ll need something to withstand the awful weather! Make sure you consider what types of material you want, as boots and Uggs can arrive in suede, or even a similar material. Your footwear can range from £15 to £200 so you have a huge variety of styles to choose from!

A New Bag

It isn’t a wrong assumption to think that a bag should be able to withstand a host of different weather, however some are more suited than others. You’ll need a bag that includes a zip, especially as you’ll need something to shield your valuables away from the rain! Utilise leather based bags and ensure you valuables are protected and your bags stays in tact should the weather turn for the worst! 

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