THE GLACE Aqua Parfum by Terry de Gunzburg

Explore the freshness and sparkling of summer with THE GLACE Aqua Parfum by Terry de Gunzburg. Imagined this creation in her herb garden and infused with the memories of a tea from Mauritius. It’s an olfactory journey to the Mediterranean with By TERRY fragrance at KENS.

My first impression of THE GLACE is very contemporary and chic with abstract graphics inspiration envelopes the bergamot and verbena case. Terry pays tribute to Sonia Delaunay, the revolutionary artist with whom she shares her love for colour and timeless design in soft lines and abstract graphics.

Crowned with a “drop of mercury” cap, the bottle dons these crisp, abstract patterns in glowing colours inspired by the Mediterranean and the French Riviera. Against a solar white backdrop, the embossed engravings alternate between the broken lines in tangy green and gleaming gold and silver.

THE GLACE Aqua Parfum is burst with freshness, the scent of morning walk in the herb garden. A soothing yet sparkling "Eau Fraîche ", an olfactory tattoo in limited edition. The thirst-quenching potion of a fragrant summer, a midday delight that combines notes of fiery light with energizing spiced wood, citrus and musk accents.

The scent it’s not too strong or overpowering, it’s like Cologne with longer lasting and consistency. It gives the pleasure as you whisked onto summer skin or onto winter skin in reminiscence of the pure pleasure and relaxation of summer. The notes include lime, grapefruit, verbena, tea, almonds, lavender, floral notes, moss and musk.

Terry chooses the most beautiful Verbena from France, mix its freshness with Black Tea from Mauritius and the sparkling grapefruit from Italy. Infuse White Flower with a generous bouquet of Sault Lavender. The vivacity of these initial notes is boosted by an intense unexpected trio of Brazilian mate, moss and musk for an indelible scent.

Price: THE GLACE Aqua Parfum by Terry de Gunzburg, 100ml is retail at RM595.

Availability: THE GLACE Aqua Parfum by Terry de Gunzburg is available at KENS Bangsar Shopping Centre and KENS Apothecary Bangsar Village II.

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  1. I will bought it as a birthday present for my friend

  2. First time heard about this brand and the bottle looks really classy! I love aqua scent because it makes me feels like I'm in seaside XD

  3. love the bottle. can imagine the scent is very refreshing!!

  4. The bottle packaging is an absolute perfection. Hmm, I'm pretty sensitive with scent so I don't know if I'll like how it smells. But I see some of my favourite ingredients there hihi

  5. This is my first time heard about this brand and the perfume look so tempting to try. Should check it out soon.


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