Absolute Face Sculpting

Oh well! face sculpting is one of the essentially technics that we have to learn in order to bring out the best of our features. Not all of us are born with V shaped face, high cheek bones, sharp nose or symmetrical face. That is why the Sculpt Look is so in right now. It’s all about reshaping the face using highlighting and contouring techniques to create the definitions. The makeup! by contrasting light and dark shades we are able to achieve the illusion of sharper and 3D facial features.`

Absolute Face Sculpting
Absolute Face Sculpting

Recently, Lakmé Malaysia has held a Lakmé Absolute Sculpt event at The Library Mid Valley today by sharing the makeup tips and introducing the Lakmé Absolute range of products. The latest makeup trend is nothing but “Sculpt”. During the event, Lakmé has shared different makeup look using Lakmé products and the essential makeup tips to achieve sculpt face, sculpt eyes and sculpt lips.

Start by picking your favourite shade of lipstick, preferably the hot red color. Draw an X mark in the middle of your upper lip with the lipstick, to define your cupid's bow. Follow the cupid's bow to the corners of the lips. One stroke of contoured perfection is all you need to get a chiseled, long wear experience with a rich matte finish. Lakmé Absolute Sculpt Studio Hi-Definition Matte Lipstick is available in 12 dramatic shades, high pigmented, long lasting and express dimension.

You can easily achieve sculpt face with Lakmé Absolute Mattreal Skin Natural Mousse Foundation @ RM73.30 by applying a shade which matches your skin tone over face. For contour, choose the darkest shade of LAKMÉ Absolute Mattreal Skin Natural Mousse and apply under cheekbone blending downwards to emphasize and refine your cheekbone and jawline. This is a feather-light, air-whipped texture delivering a velvety feel and cashmere-looking finish. Satiny soft mousse formula minimizes the pores and blurs imperfections.

Gently put on Lakmé Absolute Face Stylist Blush Duos @ RM51.80 on your cheeks can now look eternally blushed with the dual magical effect of these blush duos. This gives your cheeks a hint of colour that blends in effortlessly for a luminous finish.

Light up your eyes with Lakme Absolute Kohl Ultimate @ RM57.30 to outline the contour of your eyes from any angle for a sculpted eye look. Long lasting, water resistant and smudge proof, jet black kohl pencil for the perfect sculpt eye. It has unique moisturizing ceremides that soothe and soften your lashes. Wear it on your lower waterline for a high definition look. Draw the eyeliner on your upper lid and lower lid near lashes and use the attached smudger to achieve a smokey finish.

Lakme Asolute Face Sculpting

Follow with Lakme Absolute Flutter Secret Dramatic Mascara @ RM50.80, it has long term curl memory formula that gives your lashes volume, colour & lots of drama. Mascara does makes a lot of different to our overall face, it helps to open up our eyes and makes it bigger.

Last but not least, sculpt emphasizes chiseled, contoured lips with Lakme newest range of high definition matte lip colors – Lakme Absolute Sculpt Matte Lipstick @ RM39.90. This new collection comes in a stunning palette of rich plums, deep reds and feminine pinks to provide sculpted bold look for your lips.

Lakme Asolute Face Sculpting

Some good news for you all, Lakme will be launching a product set in June this year to free your mind in choosing colors for sculpt look effect. You can just simply pick the product sets at Guardian stores at with the price of RM99.90 (total worth RM132.10, save RM32.20) that consists of Lakme Absolute High-Definition Sculpt Lipstick, LAKMÉ Absolute Ultimate Kohl and Lakme Absolute Flutter Secret Dramatic Mascara.

For more information about Absolute Face Sculpting by Lakme, please visit Lakme Malaysia Facebook Page and Website

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