OtterBox Swarovski Crystal Edition - Symmetry Series Review

Well our smartphone is one of the gadgets that we can’t live without, agree? It’s the first thing that we check when I wake up. Since it is so important to us I’m sure we want to protect it against daily bumps and drops. I accidently dropped my phone before and it survived because I have a durable casing to protect it. Nowadays smartphone casing is necessary, not only to keep our phones safe but also as an accessory. Are you attracted to this OtterBox Symmetry Series - Swarovski Crystal Edition smartphone casing. Bling it on!

Bling It On! OtterBox Swarovski Crystal Edition - Symmetry Series Review

Heyo! I love my new OtterBox Swarovski Crystal iPhone 6 casing because anything that bling turns me on. My friends have been asking about it ever since I started to use it. Their first reaction when I told them it’s from OtterBox was like, really it’s from OtterBox?

I was surprised too when I see this girlie bling bling OtterBox casing with Swarovski Crystal. The OtterBox smartphone casings that I usually see are those sturdy and not fancy fancy like this. As you know OtterBox is well known for its ultra-robust and protective smartphone cases. I can have a peace of mind when my phone is wearing OtterBox casing that it’s Certified Drop+ Protection and ensure each case is dependable and durable when needed most.

OtterBox Symmetry Series – Crystal Edition for iPhone 6 in Midnight Crystal 

The OtterBox Symmetry Series – Crystal Edition for iPhone 6/6s embellished with Swarovski crystals. It comes in a luxury black velvet box like a piece of jewelry and OtterClub Membership card. It’s so exclusive, premium and elegant. Every OtterBox Symmetry Series – Crystal Edition casing come with a serial number and there are only 7,500 OtterBox Crystal Edition cases produced globally.

Only 7500 OtterBox Crystal Edition cases produced globally 

I have the prefect smartphone casing that suits my style with uncompromised protection and durability. Mine is the Midnight Crystal. The OtterBox Symmetry Series - Crystal Edition is adorned with genuine Swarovski fine rock crystals and packs as much protection as it does sparkle.

It’s exclusive to Asia and custom-designed for iPhone 6/6s. Packed with genuine Swarovski crystal fine rocks to keep the shine please avoid contact with cosmetic products, high mechanical and chemical stress.

Its super easy to install

The case is super easy to install and will stylize your phone in a flash. And if you thought putting the major protection on meant major hassle and putting your manicure at risk – think again. It’s made with raised edges and dual-material for the utmost protection, the case will absorb the shock and resist the scratches.

A closer look of OtterBox Symmetry Series –
Swarovski Crystal Edition 
for iPhone 6 in Midnight Crystal 

Wondering how Swarovski fine rock crystals can stand up against the bumps and shocks of your daily dramas? The new case has OtterBox Certified Drop+ Protection which means it has been put through 24+ tests and 238+ hours of rigorous testing including a Hand Lotion and Makeup Resistance Test, Jeans Pocket Test and even a Sweat Test, for those extra busy days.

My smartphone casing - OtterBox Symmetry Series Swarovski Crystal Edition (Midnight Crystal)

Overall this is my favourite smartphone casing. It shines like diamond and protects like armour. It elegant, prestige, stylish and matches my personalities as well. Plus it can be a fascinating and memorable gift for someone special also.

OtterBox Symmetry Series - Crystal Edition @ RM599 Gold Sand Crystal, Midnight Crystal and Mystic Crystal

OtterBox Symmetry Series - Crystal Edition is available in 3 comes colours - gold sand crystal, midnight crystal and mystic crystal. 

PriceOtterBox Symmetry Series - Crystal Edition is retail for RM599.

For more information and to purchase, please visit KWS Distribution Wholesale & Supply Shop

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  1. That's the perfect case for stylish people! Otterbox is such a cool brand and it's really reliable when it comes to protecting your phone. It's nice to know that they're getting more creative with their cases.

  2. The cases are nice for people who like bling bling - you get to protect your phone while having the bling bling light up the appearance of your phone :)

  3. I was actually also surprised that Otterbox has blinged out cases! I always thought they only had those bulky but sturdy cases, so this one is really nice.

  4. I love otterbox because of its durability. The swarovsky crystals made it a lot more elegant.

  5. Such a glamorous Otterbox design! I'm sure all the girly girls will go crazy over this! :D


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