innisfree Orchid Line Beauty Affair

Was at the innisfree Orchid Line Beauty Affair to experience and get to know more about their anti-aging skincare line. Whereby innisfree latest Orchid Line from the precious Jeju Orchid or Cold Growing Orchid the exceptional strong vitality and resilient flower that bid the harsh winter of Jeju Island and blooms beautifully in spring.

 innisfree Orchid Line Beauty Affair 

This is the journey to the pursuit of youth and beauty through the Jeju Orchid in our Orchid Beauty Affair. 

Welcoming speech by Mr Johnny Nam, innisfree Malaysia Brand Manager 
at the  innisfree Beauty Affair

Appetizer: Begin your skin nourishment with Orchid Skin, Orchid Enriched Essence, and Orchid Lotion. Just as the appetizer sets the tone of a meal, so should these three new products in the Orchid Line set the foundation in your daily skincare regimen.

 The lovely purple and camera worthy setup at innisfree Orchid Beauty Affair 

Orchid Skin, 200ml @ RM89
A refreshing toner with fine gel texture infused with Gel Network Technology that helps to retain moisture in the skin right after cleansing.

Orchid Enriched Essence, 50ml @ RM115
A blend of natural lifting ingredients extracted from oatmeal and Orchid ElixirTM to immediately firm and lift the skin as well as keep it supple for a radiant glow.

Orchid Lotion, 160ml @ RM89
It’s a smooth lotion with melt-in texture from coconut oil for further skin nourishment and resilience, serving a dual purpose of anti-wrinkle and whitening.

innisfree Orchid Line skincare products 

Main Course: For the mains, choose from the Orchid Gel Cream, Orchid Enriched Cream, and the Orchid Intense Cream. As it is the main element of your skincare regime, you should choose one that will benefit your skin the most.

Orchid Gel Cream, 50ml @ RM101
A refreshing cream with Jeju Orchid Extract, Jeju Green Complex, and Lecithin with semi-shape memory gel texture specially created for normal and oily skin.

Orchid Enriched Cream, 50ml @ RM101
A rich and moist essence-like cream with Jeju Orchid Extract, Jeju Green Complex, and green pea extract to nourish and firm up skin. Perfect for normal and dry skin.

Orchid Intense Cream, 50ml @ RM113
A potent cream with Jojoba Ester on top of Jeju Orchid Extract and Jeju Green Complex to smoothen out the skin texture whilst boosting the skin’s natural barrier especially for those with especially dry skin.

innisfree Orchid Line skincare products 

Dessert: Complete your skin nourishment on a sweet note and tie up loose ends with the help of Orchid Eye Cream and Orchid Massage Cream.

Orchid Eye Cream, 30ml @ RM101
An infusion of Jeju Orchid Extract, Jeju Green Complex, and caffeine that treats the sensitive skin area around the eyes.

Orchid Massage Cream, 80ml @ RM73
A balm-like textured cream with a mixture of Jeju Orchid Extract, Jeju Green Complex, and meadow foam seed oil that relaxes the skin and improves blood circulation with massaging.  

Recommendation for innisfree Orchid Line skincare regimen:

Skin  > Essence > Lotion > Eye Cream > Gel Cream/Enriched Cream/Intense Cream > Massage Cream

Overall, the event setup and theme were really awesome, I love the personal touch and all the details they prepared for just the few hours events. Every corners and moments is so camera worthy. The innisfree Orchid Line skincare scent is really calming and soothing. 

The products is consistent and stable plus its great for those with sensitive skin also. This anti-aging range gives an moisture boost to the skin the same time it will helps to firm-up skin after a period of time. It's quite affordable and the effect is consistent for an anti-aging skincare line.

At water color painting section

During the event we get to make our own scented candles, water color painting and also enjoy the healthy and delicious tea with the theme purple prepared by the innisfree Malaysia team.

For more information about innisfree Orchid Line Beauty Affair, please visit innisfree Malaysia Facebook Page and Website

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  1. The bottles are so beautiful. Purple! My fave colour.


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