SK-II GenOptics #AuraGoals with Yuna

You got to start young to stay spotless. Does beauty fade faster than you think? A long-term SK-II study discovered that women in their 20s dramatically lose more radiance in their skin than any other age group. In your 20s, damage from UV exposure causes hidden spots and clouds to develop, making skin appear darker and less radiant. SK-II’s new GenOptics whitening skincare targets hidden spots and clouds caused by UV damage to deliver lasting, youthful and spot-less radiance.

SK-II GenOptics Aura Goals with Yuna 

To empower women in their 20s to tackle spots and clouds before they surface, SK-II launches its innovative new GenOptics whitening skincare series which targets current and hidden spots and darkening caused by UV to give you a radiant aura for years to come.

SK-II Malaysia Brand Ambassador Yuna, entertaining the crowds at SK-II Aura Goals Party at SK-II #changedestiny World
Damage to the skin caused by UV exposure are such as spots and darkness are just some of the visible effects caused by UV damage, but there are also hidden effects that lurk beneath the surface of the skin.

 SK-II GenOptics Launch at SK-II #changedestiny World at KLCC
Yuna (centre) posing with the newly launched GenOptics with her are (left to right) Parkson’s Adeline Wong, BE Law, P&G Malaysia’s Sales Director Teoh Gaik May and Parkson’s Natalie Chong and Sophie Yip

SK-II discovered that extended UV exposure damages 10 skin parameters. The hidden damages appear as ‘clouds’ within the skin, blocking skin’s natural aura and radiance. The 10 Visible and Hidden Parameters of UV Damage. The visible signs include such as yellower skin, more visible spots, rougher texture, less radiance and darker tone. The hidden issues that appear in the future include such as poor barrier function, more hidden spots, less supple skin, less hydration and more melanin.

Demo by Dennis Leong, SK-II Malaysia Country Trainer

Visible Skin Improvement in 8 weeks and beyond. Containing an infusion of Prunus extract and Pitera, users of SK-II’s new GenOptics Aura Essence saw visible improvement in skin tone and a significant reduction in age spots and cloudiness after 8 weeks  continuous usage.

Availability: Protect your skin from future spots caused by UV exposure with SK-II’s GenOptics Aura Essence and GenOptics Spot Essence available at all SK-II counters in Malaysia from March 2016.

SK-II GenOptics Price:
SK-II GenOptics Aura Essence - 30ml @ RM555 | 50ml @ RM790
SK-II GenOptics Spot Essence - 30ml @ RM470 | 50ml @ RM685 | 75ml @ RM920        

For more information about SK-II GenOptics Aura Goals with Yuna @ SK-II #changedestiny World, please visit SK-II Malaysia Website and FacebookPage


  1. Yuna really can sing very well.. Love her live singing... SKII is a great brand for skin too!

  2. SKII really a great product for skincare solution. I want to looks young again.

  3. UV protection is a must for everyone :) although i stay indoors, i'd still apply and reapply throughout the day haha

  4. Nice product and so lucky get to met Yuna since she is already an international star... huhuhu


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