Triumph Magic Spacer & Magic Boost Collection Review

I have found the one that breathe and boost plus it’s so light, could the lightest ever that I have tried so far. The Magic Spacer and Magic Boost Collection came in at the right time. With the current hot and humid weather I need more air without compromising the push-up.

Triumph Magic Spacer & Magic Boost Collection Review

I had my fitting session a few weeks ago at Triumph Malaysia Sunway Pyramid boutique. Although I know my sizes but it’s good to let the professional measure to find the correct size and type of bra cup that fit us perfectly. 

Fitting session at Triumph Boutique Sunway Pyramid

Many women think that they are wearing the correct bra size but actually not; until they go for a proper fitting session. Before you buy any bra if possible go for the fitting first. Don’t be shy to approach any of their friendly personnel or promoter. The process won’t take too long, less than 5 minutes plus it’s free at any of the Triumph boutiques or counters.

After taking the measurements I am going to try on a few pairs of Triumph Magic Spacer and Magic Boost according to my size. Let’s see which one suits me and my needs.

Triumph Magic Spacer

Triumph Magic Spacer Deep-V

As you know we tend to sweat more during the hot season and sometimes I wish that I don’t need to wear bra because it’s so hot. Plus the sweating is so uncomfortable. A light and airy bra that can provide the support and push-up are all I need at this moment.

Well the Triumph Magic Spacer came in the right time. This collection is by far the lightest bra that I have ever tried so far. It gives the adequate push-up that that I need and the most important is that the bra is breathable, comfortable and ultra-lightweight.

I can wear the bra from morning till night in my long sleeves dress and still feel comfortable about it. I am falling in love with this lightest and most airy experience ever. Plus is the fabric is also feather-light and super cool. 

The Magic Spacer bra is versatile for everyday wear and also for special functions. The Deep-V is perfect under the sexy plunging neckline dress on a hot date. It gives the push-up and sexy cleavage without overly too much as thou we are desperate. However the simply strapless is always ready when we are wearing the off shoulder top or dress.

Triumph Magic Spacer 3D Spacer Cups

The Magic Spacer is unique and light because of its innovative 3D “spacer” cups that promotes easy airflow and counteracts perspiration by allowing our body to breathe. When you touch the cups it feels like there are a lot of small beads inside the cushion because it contains thousands of tiny air pockets in a honeycomb-like structure that encourage air circulation for the skin, keeping your body fresh and dry. 

Triumph Magic Spacer Deep-V and Simply Strapless

The Magic Spacer comes in 2 styles the sexy low-front Deep-V and versatile Strapless styles. Magic Spacer Maximizer bra retails at RM249 and matching briefs retail from RM69.90 to RM79.90.

Triumph Magic Boost 

Triumph Magic Boost – Sexy Cushion

Another collection that I tried is the Magic Boost that enhances on the push-up and gives the cleavage confidence its Sexy Cushion. The soft memory cushions that mould our body contours for a perfect comfort fit. 

I chose the Magic Boost black bandeau and the match seamless panties. Wish I could find this set earlier so that I can match with V cut dress, I can replace the tube with the sexy bra. I can have the perfect match and fit.

Triumph Magic Boost – Sexy Cushion Bandeau

Sexy Cushion Maximizer bra is retails at RM229 and matching briefs retail at RM79.90.

Overall the Magic Spacer and Magic Boost have its own uniqueness. Both give the comfort and support. Let’s say goodbye to our hot and stuffy old bras and welcome the light and airy Magic Spacer. The Magic Boost did a good job for cleavage enhancer. I would suggest you to try the Magic Spacer at the nearest Triumph Boutique or counters. You got to try it to believe it.

For more information about Triumph Magic Spacer & Magic Boost Collection, please visit Triumph Malaysia Website, Facebook Page and Instagram 


  1. I always have problem finding suitable bras. I love Triumph bras. They are comfy.

  2. Time for me to shop for new bras. I have been wearing nursing bras (my toddler is still nursing) for more than two-and-a-half years!

  3. Who can resist cleavage without the stuffy feeling ;p

  4. Triumph is indeed a great brand and super comfy lingerie they have in the market.

  5. Triumph is a trusted brand. Very good for comfort and fit both.

  6. Love it especially the pink one! So lovely =)

  7. The Magic boost Bandeau looks really nice. Love how you paired it with a deep cut v neck dress. Definitely important to wear the right size

  8. Triumph always give me confident . i love the design and give me a fuller bust. I have been wearing triumph for 12 yrs.

  9. Nice choice Kelly! It looks really comfy too!

  10. I thought what magic is that?? Had to read the title twice hehe... I thought it was a make up review but the brand Triumph says otherwise. I wonder if the Magic Spacer will be good for breastfeeding mums hmmmm

  11. win liao.. my man boobs are getting fatter every day i think i'll be needing this product soon too.

  12. i'm always looking for bandeau bra, nice intro here will check it out at their stores

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