Smile Makers Personal Massagers & Lubricants Review

Hey girls today we are going to share something that is more intimate. It’s going to be girl to girl talk. And I don’t mind if guys would like to know and understand more about us. Are you happy with your overall sexual wellbeing? Since we are all adults so let’s be honest, a healthy sex life contributes to our overall emotional and physical wellbeing, including factors like feeling loved, happy, attractive, less stressed, young, beautiful and healthy. When you are smiling on the inside, you smile on the outside too. Smile Makers is inspired by the belief that beauty starts with a smile. You might be wondering what is Smile Makers and how it can enhance your sexual wellbeing…, continue to read.

Smile Makers Personal Massagers & Lubricants Available in Watsons Malaysia 

The Launch of Smile Makers in Malaysia
Recently I at the launch of Smile Makers Personal Massagers and Personal Lubricants at Pullman Bangsar Hotel, Kuala Lumpur; these new products that is available exclusively at Watsons stores. Here are the new Smile Makers personal massagers and premium lubricants that are designed to enhance the sexual wellbeing of women in Malaysia.

The launch of Smile Makers Personal Massagers and Premium Lubricants designed to enhance the sexual wellbeing of women in Malaysia

Malaysian Women Sexual Health and Wellbeing Survey Results
The event kicked start with Mr. Mattias Hulting, the co-founder of Ramblin’ Brands shared about the results of the “Malaysian women sexual health and wellbeing” survey and then followed by panel discussion on the findings and also the Q&A sessions.

Panel discussion on the findings of “Malaysian women sexual health and wellbeing” survey during the media launch of Smile Makers Personal Massagers and Personal Lubricants

The results of the survey may come as a surprise considering the conservative perceptions Malaysian women towards this topic. Here are some of the highlight findings:
  • Malaysian women have the highest level of sexual satisfaction of countries surveyed in Asia and Europe - 3 out of 4 Malaysian women feel that they are in control of their sex life.
  • Apart from the high level of sexual satisfaction that Malaysian women experience, the survey also unveiled another surprising fact i.e. that Malaysian women were open-minded to express their views on sexual related matters.
  • However, 8 out of 10 (78%) Malaysian women have experienced dryness-related pain during sex, which negatively affected their sexual satisfaction.
  • Malaysian women are ahead of their Asian counterparts when it comes to taking charge of their sexual wellbeing, and solving dryness-related issues.

In view of the findings from the survey commissioned, Malaysia women are much more open to the idea of trying out a vibrator and take charge of their own sexual wellbeing.

Smile Makers Personal Massagers & Lubricants Reviews

Smile Makers Personal Massagers & Lubricants Available in Watsons Malaysia 

Smile Makers in Swedish products by Ramblin’ Brands Ltd. They rapidly revolutionizing the world of sexual wellbeing, and is currently sold in over 4,000 health & beauty stores in 12 European and Asian markets. It is the only sexual wellbeing brand that only sells in mainstream stores.

Smile Makers Personal Massagers

Smile Makers Personal Massagers Review

Aha! what should we call these, Happiness Gadget, Glee Contraptions, Joy Creator or Massagers? Tell you a little secret… they know exactly how to keep you smile whenever or wherever you want hehehe. There are 4 men available and ready to help you feel sexy, confident and orgasm. We have The Fireman, The Frenchman, The Millionaire and The Tennis Coach.

Unlike other vibrator, the Smile Makers Personal Massagers designs are more elegant, sleek and inspired by four fun personalities. So you would not feel so awkward or shy when you walk into pharmacies to check it out and purchase.

Smile Makers Personal Massagers Review

Of course, before trying on things like I would make sure that it’s safe to use. Well, the Smile Makers are produced alongside some of the world’s leading electronics brands in a static-free environment. All products are completely phthalate-free, made with super-smooth, 100% body-safe, FDA-approved silicone.

Smile Makers Personal Massagers come in 4 different designs, colours and pleasures. The textures are smooth and velvety. It’s 100% waterproof and easy to clean so you can use it in the bathtub, pool or shower. When you on it, you will only notice there is very minimal sound or barely there, less than 40dB. There are 4 speeds and pulsation options to suits your mood and desire. Using 1 AAA battery and it will give you up to 4 hours uninterrupted fun.

Smile Makers Personal Massagers
The Fireman, The Frenchman, The Millionaire, The Tennis Coach

Let’s meet the MEN
2 for external (The Fireman & The Frenchman), 1 for internal use (The Tennis Coach), and 1 for both external & internal use (The Millionaire).

The Fireman – He knows his way around a fiery situation and he’s mighty skilled at cooling things down. Among the 4 this is one of the most sort after. It’s for teasing the sensitive clitoris. The texture is soft and vibration is consistent. You can choose the speed.

The Frenchman – cunning linguist, he may speak in a foreign tongue but he sure knows what he’s talking about. Looks like a scoop but it’s not, it’s a curved tongue, go imagine yourself what can it do lah.

The Millionaire – A classic gentleman and an all-rounder, he’s here to pleasure you like the princess you are. This is pretty classic for those who prefer the steady and calmness.

The Tennis Coach - He’s sculpted and fit, with a forehand stroke designed to take very specific aim. Comes is a rounded tip to detect and massage the G-Spot massager.

Smile Makers Personal Lubricants

Smile Makers Personal LubricantsLittle Light Liquid, Stay Silky Serum and Generous Gel

Some may have experienced dryness-related pain during sex, which negatively affected their sexual satisfaction. This is common for stressed, post-natal, post-menopausal women to have dryness-related pain during sex. Lubricants can help to ease the discomfort.

The Smile Makers Personal Lubricants are water-based, pH-otimal and use strictly the highest purity of ingredients available. The full range is completely paraben free and fragrance free, color free, and also compatible with condoms and any silicone massager. It was introduced in September 2015.

Smile Makers Personal Lubricants Texture & ReviewLittle Light Liquid, Stay Silky Serum and Generous Gel

It’s available in 3 variants such as Little Light Liquid, Stay Silky Serum and Generous Gel. The little light liquid is formulated for a natural sensation. The Generous Gel is rich and luxurious textured this ultra-sensorial lubricant provides the right amount of cushioning. Stay Silky Serum is silky and soft, this soothing lubricant nourishes for a smoother and velvety feel.

Basically their functions are the same, the different is the viscosity. The main ingredients for these personal lubricants are water, dipotassium glycyrrhirate (DPG), sodium benzoate, refined glycerin, methyl propanediol and carbomer.

Smile Makers Personal Massagers @ RM129
Smile Makers Personal Lubricants, 30ml @ RM59

Smile Makers is available exclusively at all major Watsons outlets in Malaysia.

Overall the Smile Makers personal massagers design are very elegant and easier to accept unlike those available in the market. Well, it depends on how you perceived. And the personal lubricants compliment well with the massagers or use on its own.

We should take charge and be in control of our sexual health and wellbeing. If something that is lacking in our relationship the best way is to have open discussion and find the ways to improved it. All these can lead to a more fulfilling life and self-worth. Remember as I mentioned earlier when you are smiling on the inside, you smile on the outside too.

For more information about Smile Makers Personal Massagers & Lubricants, please visit Smile Makers Website and Watsons Malaysia Website & Facebook Page


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