Why Shouldn’t You Let Your Teens Locate A Cell Phone On Their Own?

Teens always want to stay updated, they want everything that is trending; whether it is fashion or the latest gadgets. They think they are grown up enough to have the latest smartphone but are they responsible enough to take care of them? We all know the answer to this question. And what do they do if they lose one? Most probably conceal it from you and try to retrieve it on their own. This can be very dangerous!

Teens fearing from your anger on losing their phone may go out on a search to retrieve their phone and land straight into trouble. The recent Jeremy Crook incident proves that going to locate a cell phone alone can be fatal.  It is very important that your child comes to you for help instead of taking this risk and stepping out to locate a cell phone. It might seem like an adventure at first, but who knows which notorious neighborhood they end up in.

A mobile phone is generally the most pricey thing that teens carry with them all day, thus making it all the more vulnerable to theft. Cell phone theft is the fastest growing crimes in the U.S.; 1 out of every 5 crimes is cell phone theft, 3 million phones were stolen last year alone.

Teens rely on their cell phones for everything and a phone theft is not only an emotional and financial loss, but can put their personal information at a great risk. The thief can blackmail, harass or even threaten them to misuse their personal information. All these fears along with your reaction can be traumatic for teens.

Act smart, act fast!
The first thing you need to do when you give your teen a phone is to assure them that if they lose the phone, you will not get mad at them, it can happen to anyone. Remind them on and off that they need to be careful with their phone but even if they lose it, no worries, they have to come straight to you. You will take care of the rest. Here is what you can immediately do if your teen loses his/her phone:

Use digital monitoring apps:
Many parents are shifting to digital parenting and use phone locator apps like FamilyTime to keep track of their teen’s whereabouts and locate cell phones in case of theft.

Don’t have this app on your phone? Download it now from Google Play Store or from the buttons below:

This app has many other interesting features like Watchlist Contacts, Blacklist apps, Geo-fence locations and many more. But in this situation you can use this app to:

• Lock your teen’s phone from your online Dashboard, to prevent any misuse of information.

•  Once the phone is locked, track its location along with the date and time.
After tracking the location go straight to the police, give them the information and let them handle the rest.

Tell you teens to not take the law in their hands
Teens tend to look at everything as an adventure, they are not old enough to understand the consequences of their actions. If as parents you want them to be updated with the world, you also need to ensure that they act responsibly. Telling them not to locate cell phone on their own if lost, is not enough. You can play an integral in your teen’s safety by using parental monitoring apps. Happy smart parenting!  

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