MEET TAIWAN: Asia Super Team 2015

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July is full of surprises… do you want to Win a Trip to Taiwan? Asia Super Team: Team Up for Good is the second year of MEET TAIWAN annual multi-national business competition across Japan, South Korea, Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand and Australia to introduce Taiwan as top destination for incentive travel destination with charity causes in Asia. Any Malaysian businesses or start-ups companies keen to participate for an travel package to Taiwan worth USD50,000 and charity donation of your choice.

If you are selected you will be going to Taiwan for the challenge together with participants from all over Asia. MEET TAIWAN is developed by Taiwan External Trade Development Council (TAITRA); the competition consists of two phases of contests including an online proposal submission and an offline tour to Taiwan to experience the beauty of Taiwan’s resources.

Asia Super Team 2014 Champion, Seng Hua Hng Foodstff, Singapore, MEET TAIWAN, Asia Super Team 2015, Asia Super Team, Team Up for Good, TAITRA, MICE, Taiwan
Asia Super Team 2014 Champion - Seng Hua Hng Foodstuff from Singapore

In 2014 Asia Super Team final in Taiwan four participants from each finalist company took the 5 Days 4 Nights competition, where their creativity and morale were tested by a series of team-building challenges including aboriginal hunter training in an indigenous tribe in Leshui, performing a drum session with Grammy nominee Ten Drum Art Percussion Group at the Ten Drum Ciaotou Creative Park in Kaohsiung, and singing popular Taiwanese songs on board Taiwan’s parade floats. The participants experienced the diversity and vitality of Taiwan with exciting and fun vibes. You can read and watch their challenges and activities at MEET TAIWAN Asia Super Team website.

The 2015 Asia Super Team combines team building activities with corporate social responsibilities and philanthropic causes to promote a more meaningful incentive travel experience, expand people’s imagination about incentive travel in Taiwan, as well as encourage more enterprise’s consideration of Taiwan as a preferred destination for MICE activities.

How to Participate in Asia Super Team
Registration and proposal submission to “Asia Super Team: Team Up for Good“ opens today at through August 30th, 2015 23:59 (Taiwan time). Public voting opens from August 3rd, 2015 12:00 (Taiwan time) through August 30th, 2015 23:59 (Taiwan time).

The champion will win an incentive a package to Taiwan worth more than USD50,000, and MEET TAIWAN will donate USD5,000 to the winner’s designated non-profit organization as the grand rewards.

Asia Super Team: Team Up for Good consists of two phases of competition including an online competition and a five-day-four-night final tour in Taiwan from October 12th to 16th, 2015, with all expenses covered by MEET TAIWAN.

Phase 1: Online Competition
The online preliminary invites entries to submit their itinerary proposals which can best showcase their passion and understanding of Taiwan incentive travel environment. The contestant businesses are required to share its proposal on social media to solicit highest public votes for them to enter the final in Taiwan.

Phase 2: Final Tour in Taiwan
The final in Taiwan enables the business elites from the aforementioned six countries to experience the multiple facets of holding meetings and exhibitions in Taiwan while factoring in three initiatives: local cultural revivals, environmental preservation, and service to the underprivileged. 

For more information about MEET TAIWAN: Asia Super Team 2015 registration process, please visit

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