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For many children around the world hunger is not only a daily struggle, it is life threatening. Every five seconds, a child dies from starvation and over 350 million children go to bed hungry each night. These children suffer acute malnourishment and are in dire need of life-saving assistance. FEED Project raises funds for the United Nations World Food Programme. 

With FEED, Clarins continues its commitment to help those suffering from poverty and malnutrition empowering them to change their lives and the lives of their communities. Founded in 2007 by Lauren Bush Lauren, FEED Projects is a non-governmental.  Since its initiation, FEED has raised $6 million and distributed 60 million meals to children in third world countries.

Clarins created 2 beautiful FEED10 sets to help feed meals for children in third world countries.  By purchasing a FEED10 together with the bag, 10 meals are provided to children globally through the United Nations World Food Programme.

Clarins FEED 10 - Shaping Facial Lift, RM274.55

Clarins FEED 10 - Tonic Oil, RM220.50

You are investing in a child’s future and at the same time taking good care of your skin with some of Clarins’ iconic products. Beauty comes from the heart and is expressed by taking direct action to help those less fortunate. Together, we can FEED the world.

Clarins FEED10 sets are available at all Clarins Skin Spas and Counters starting September 2015. For more information about FEED the World 2015 Project, please visit Clarins Website or Facebook Page

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