Three Commanders of Perfect Lipstick Color

Commanders  of Perfect Lipstick Color

The real lifetime quest of which lipstick color suits the best for your face type and skin color is probably one of the hardest for many girls. You can experiment with many different kinds of colors or brands, but still won’t find the very best color pallet for you. Don’t worry about that anymore, because here you will get only three, but simply amazing commands, of how to choose the best color lipstick for you! So, just keep up with it and be sure to choose the very best option.

1. Match It with Your Eye Color
Actually, it can be much easier for you to choose the lipstick color, if you would take a better look of what kind of color your eyes are! Many different makeup professionals advice that matching your eye color and lipstick might improve your whole look much better. Since the particular eye colors are more common in particular skin complexions, you will be able to choose the best just by simply determine your eye shade.

So, if you have deep blue ocean easy, be confident to choose warmer toned lipstick which will make a balance on your face, since blue is a colder color. Pick coral or even orange shades, which will definitely bring your amazing blue eyes and just pop them out! And don’t be afraid of orange color, even it sound a little bit risqué – actually this shade will complement your blue eyes, since this color is in the opposite side of the color wheel. This is how orange will complement your blue eyes without overpowering them.

On the other hand, girls who have green eyes should choose cooler and even little bit darker toned lipsticks for sure. Dare to put bright pink and rose shades, along with cherry-red lips and discover how amazing your eyes will look like! These colors suits green eyes because, just like orange shade suits blues, red and bright cherry shades are in the opposite site of the color wheel. You won’t miss by just simply picking the color which is opposite to your eyes.

Finally, brown eyes can be complemented perfectly with absolutely every single shade of lipstick there is Just be sure that the color you choose suits your skin tone too, but actually you can put on every single shade and look amazing. Lucky you! If it is still hard for you to choose, make pink your first preference. Those rosy tones will perfectly balance your brown coloring and will make you look wide-awake.

2. Match It with Your Hair and Skin Tone
After reading about best shades which will compliment your eyes, now we can talk about matching your hair color with lipstick as well. Along with that, skin complexion is important too, since many girls like to dye their hair in different shades. Combine these two elements and be sure to get the right match.

Amazing redheads can bravely buy lipstick with violet undertones – it will bring your redness of hair even more and will frame your face to perfection. Moreover, if you have a warm complexion and red tone hair, choose brighter shades of red or orange too. If you are cooler type of girl and want to make your teeth look whiter, put on blue toned red lipstick or darker reds, like berry or plum shades.

Girls with black hair can simply pull red with brown base lipsticks if they are warm complexion ladies. Look for lipsticks which has worlds like “deep orange”, “golden red” or “coral” written on them and bravely put it on too. If you are more like a cooler chic, but have dark hair, try cherry reds, burgundy or plum shades and get ready for the party! As well, just like for girls who have brown eyes, brunettes can pull mostly all shades of color, since brown itself is a neutral shade. Although, you will always choose right if you try the color we named before.

Finally, blonds with warm skin tones can pull coral red, orange red or even copper red shades. Well, mostly reds. On the other hand, cooler skin tones blondes probably should use rose, pink, or light red or rose shades with the undertone of blue. You won’t miss with any pink shades here, even in deeper colors. To sum up, blonds should try to make their whole look lighter and less contrasting.

3. Match it with the Occasion
While choosing the best lipsticks, it is also important to know the occasion you are going to use it for. Either it is for a job, or for a night of clubbing, lipsticks should match it perfectly too.

For daily lipsticks, even if you just want to wear casual clothing such as jeans or t-shirts, choose quieter and not so bright colors. Blonds with fair skin can choose light pink shades; brunets can simply pull of a little bit darker shades like light plum or even a peach color, while redheads are the only ones who should be very subtle about their lip color – use only soft rose or creamy nude shades.

While going for work, you can play it just a little bit more risqué to make your wardrobe more stand out. If you want to do that, pull a flaming red suit and make it perfect with matching lip color lipstick. To make you look more professional, but still fashion-forward, dress yourself in dark shades and also put deep red shade to make a great contrast. On the other hand, grey outfits match perfectly with pink lipstick shades, as navy blue shades looks great with pink, plum or rose color lipsticks.

During the formal occasions or for the big night in town or a date, where you really need to stand out and have an opportunity to show yourself, don‘t forget to highlight only one feature of your face – eyes or lips, but never both! Because of that, you will be able to play with make up more and also keep your look subtle and great. So, if you choose to pop your eyes for that occasion, prefer to color your lips with lighter shades.

Match it with your clothing too, but mostly be sure to use just a simple gloss and faint lip liner to make the perfect nude lips effects. However, if you decided to make your eyes more natural and want to focus on lips, use bright color lipsticks, which match your eyes, hair, and skin complexion too. Of course, match your lipstick color with your dress shades.

For the End
No matter what kind of complexion you are and what occasion are going to, have a few mixture of types and colors of lipsticks with you every time. Every single woman should have just a few of it for different events or daily plans. More important than that is the quality of lipsticks. So choose the best store to shop and, depending on how much of wardrobe elements you have as well as social life, buy two or three different types of shades. I prefer lipsticks which I can find at Nordstrom. Also, I love to save money as well, so I often use online coupons for Nordstrom to shop for the best products for my beauty! It is a great way to save money, but still to get the best products. Use them yourself and get the best lipstick.

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