The 3C’s in Life

The 3C’s in Life, Choices, Chances, Changes

What is your 3C’s in Life? The 3C’s in Life are Choices, Chances and Changes. This morning I posted up an Instagram at my site with the 3C’s caption but I did not elaborate much. Then someone started to ask and told me there are more than 3C’s, well she is correct too but that depends on our priorities.

We make choices every day and every moment from small to major things. In life we have to learn how to take chances and that is opportunity. Last but not least, we have to adapt to changes and keep improving to be a better person or to have a happier life.

Hello... we are human sometimes we slipped, we make mistake, we are not perfect and please don't hate ourselves for not being the best or perfect person of this and that. Some might make the wrong choice in life and they thought there is no turning back. You can choose to life your life with regret and bitterness. But I don't think so! I believe every problem has a solution. 

Actually you can choose to make it right but you are scared because the word "what if" is haunting your mind. Hey you woman, you always think too much... can you please stop worry so much and take that "what if" out of your mind. 

I am sure you all already know about all these but sometimes it is good to remind ourselves. When we are drowned in this material world, we forgot about our principles and priorities. It is good to take a break and realign back our goals in life. My gold is to be happy that is why I choose Sunshine. 

Life is pretty simple and happiness is easy to achieve if you put away your jealousy and don't compare your life with others. After all, we are all here in this temporary world so make it a worthwhile. 


  1. This is so refreshing! We need all the positivity we can get, in this day and age, in our lives... Keep on soaring Kelly!

  2. I love your new Cs.... this is because people like you and me and whoever who can relate are all much more matured people... the less mature people will go for the normal Cs... Cash, Credit Card, Condo... materialistic things....
    Thanks for always inspiring....!!!!

  3. Inspiring post! Support & encourage people will always beside you. Be strong & think positive. Love you sis *xoxo*

  4. Wah, I also think too much Liao, great post sharing


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