Fashion Fades But Style Remains

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Recently I’m into 2 pieces, oppss not physically or mentally. I mean I love to wear 2 piece - blouse with pants, skirts, jeans, shorts or culottes. I find it easier to play mix and match. Yes fashion is fun to follow and they changes so fast. It’s always wise to have something that looks good on us, suits our style and personality. Invest in something that we can wear it often, quality and classy. Fashion Fades But Style Remains

Afterall, the blouses that I love I will wear it more often for example this Corshacomo Big Flower BlouseThis blouse is very classy, isn’t it? The black base and white big flower prints makes it easy to match. 

This blouse style and design will last you for a long time because it not based on season or theme. I can wear it to work, travel, events, dinner with family and also on my casual day out.

Corshacomo Big Flower Blouse (front & back), RM95

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