Dr Jart V7 Toning Light Cream

I am sure that some of you have heard about Dr.Jart+ skincare from Korea. I have reviewed some of their skincare before and the last review is Dr.Jart+ DermaClear Micro Cleansing Water that is a gentle and effective makeup remover. Few weeks ago, I received a jar of the new Dr. Jart V7 Toning Light Cream. From the product name you can guess what type of cream is that right?

We can’t run away from Korean Wave be it beauty, fashion, food or entertainment. The K-Pop fans are quite strong in Malaysia, today BigBang was here for their 2015 World Tour at Putra Indoor Stadium. It was a blast concert and all the tickets sold out. 

Back to K-Beauty, as we know that Koreans still strive for bright, glowing and flawless complexion aka K-Beauty which is now trending globally. Their perfect skin definitely comes from dedication to their skincare routine and lifestyle. For us, our basic skincare routine is 3 steps but for Korean ladies their basic skincare routine is more than 7 steps. That is why Korean ladies have such a flawless and porcelain skin. Perfect skin is now the key to beauty.

Dr. Jart V7 Toning Light Cream is from the multifunctional V7 range that contains 7 vitamins. It is a cream moisturizer with added 7 Vitamins to brighten skin on the outside instantly and also from the inside gradually.  

The texture is soft creamy with medium viscosity. It has a very mild citrus scent, barely there. The cream color is opaque white. At the last step of skincare routine, apply this V7 Toning Light Cream on face and neck before applying makeup or go to bed. It can be used in the day or night time, on face, neck, arms and legs. For day time, after applying the V7 Toning Light Cream on face & neck, for better result you can use BB cream.

Dr. Jart V7 Toning Light Cream - texture, color, immediate whitening effect

This multi-functional instant whitening cream, helps to cover my skin imperfections instantly at the same time brightens skin tone, evens out skin tone and reduce the yellowish skin tone to a healthy glow. It is also acts as a makeup base. My skin feels smoother and dark spots is less visible now. 

It contains 7 liposomized vitamins to soothe sensitive skin, prevent pigmentation and make skin tone bright at the same time it induces collagen generation. The immediate whitening cream effect can last for all day. And it takes at least more than 3 weeks to see gradual skin brightening effect from within. 

  • Instant whitening effect on the outside
  • Matte & smooth finishing 
  • Light coverage for skin imperfections such as pores, lines and spots
  • Non sticky, non oily
  • Moderate moisturizing
  • Suitable for all skin types

  • May not be suitable for dark skin users the whitening effect might look slightly grayish.
  • The thick glass jar is too heavy if possible have it in tube or pump.
Content: 50ml

Price: RM169

AvailabilityDr. Jart V7 Toning Light Cream is now available at Dr.Jart+ counters in Malaysia

For more information about Dr. Jart V7 Toning Light Cream, please visit Dr.Jart+ Malaysia Facebook and Website 


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