Thermax Facial Treatment Review

Heyo! As usual, you know that Sunshine Kelly love to try anti-aging skincare and also facial. Well, maybe my age is catching up so I have to be more diligent in taking care of my skin. Recently I tried the Thermax Facial Treatment at IDO’s Clinics. This is a non-surgical face treatment that can help to boost our skin collagen and face lifting.

I will go for safe and secure facial treatments because I am bit skeptical and scared when it comes to surgery unless it is for health purposes then I have no choice. I believe most of us will try to avoid surgical face life, not only it cost a bomb but also we have to bear the pain, face the down time and it could be dangerous too.

This Thermax Face Lift treatment is a non-invasively facial treatment that delivers mono-polar radiofrequency waves at controlled depth to skin tissue. There will be slight heat during the treatment but it can be tuned to your tolerance level. With each treatment shot, a large volume of collagen will be uniformly heated causing direct collagen contraction and immediate skin tightening. Subsequent remodeling of collagen bundles and the formation of new collagen is achieved over months after the treatment.

I had a skin consultation with the skin doctor first, then he advised me to try the Thermax Face Lift treatment. The doctor then explained to me about the treatment steps and benefits. 

Preping my skin for the treatment

After agreeing to this I went to the treatment room, the therapist helps me to remove my makeup and cleanse my face. Then she apply numb cream on my face. After like 20 minutes, the treatment started it take about 20 minutes only.

During the treatment

During the treatment, I can feel slight spark and heat on my face during the shots. However, it only happen like split second then the tip of the treatment device will cool digitally to protect the outer layer of the skin. I can feel cooling sensation after heat, the device will not burn our skin.

Plus the doctor check with me is it alright for me and he can control the amount and speed of the energy, balancing my comfort and optimal results. After the treatment, there is not pain or heat sensation anymore. Then I had a skin soothing mask.

Immediately after Thermax Face Lift treatment, I can see that my face shape is sharper, skin is smoother and brighter. For me there is no redness, allergy, swelling, itchiness or burns. The doctor told me that my skin will gradually improve in over the following few months.

After 1 week

After a week I can see that my cheeks are firmer, the laugh lines and other fine lines are getting less visible. Overall skin becoming more radiant, firmer and jawline is slightly enhanced. Say hello to a younger looking skin. After the treatment I also took home some skincare products to try, will share and review about it soon. 

Post treatment skincare 

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If you wish to try Thermax Face Lift Treatment you can make your first appointment HERE. First timer will get FREE doctor consultation.

For more information about Thermax Face Lift treatment and other treatments, please visit IDO’s Clinic Website and Facebook Page. 

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