Tokyo Fashion Fiesta with Ena Matsumoto, EMODA at Pavilion KL

Ena Matsumoto was here in Kuala Lumpur last week in conjuction with Tokyo Street 1st Anniversary Celebrations. Ena Matsumoto was here to meet her fans and also showcase her EMODA collections during Tokyo Fashion Fiesta. She presents the latest  designs, colors, trends and more fashion tips right in Pavilion KL.

Japanese fashionista Ena Matsumoto is the producer and owner of fashion brand EMODA. Check out EMODA Website here

Besides, EMODA, the Tokyo Fashion Fiesta fashion show will include many of Tokyo’s popular fashion labels such as DipDrops, Rosebullet, LOWRYS Farm, Heather, Takakurazome and Kyoto Montsuki.



with Ena Matsumoto


  1. That day I wanted to take photo with her too! But I shy... So regret didn't take photo with her..

    1. Hi Ginny, aisk.. actually mine was very fast. After i took my friends wanted to take pictures with Ena she was requested to go to the main stage dy.


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