My Kawaii Japanese Nail Gel Manicure and Pedicure at Shige Hair Salon, Sri Hartamas, Kuala Lumpur

My Kawaii Japanese Nail Gel

Another pampering Sunday… this time I had my kawaii nail gel 
manicure and pedicure at Shige Hair Salon in Plaza Damas, Sri Hartamas. 

When I arrived, I was greeted by Biju, the young and sweet girl. She is waiting for me… oppss I was 15 minutes late that day. Sorry its Malaysian time late 15 minutes is ok just blamed it on the traffic… hehehe 

Biju the Korean Manicurist / Nailist 

The nail salon was a simple setup on the First Floor Shige Hair Salon. While I doing my nail, I had nice time chatting with Akiyo, the General Manager and owner of Shige Hair Salon, accompanied by soothing music. Akiyo mentioned to me that all their nails and hair products are from Japan. Some of the products are not available in Malaysia so she has to bring in directly from Japan.

Shige Hair Salon has been in Sri Hartamas for about 2 years but their Nail Salon 
just newly opened last month.

My manicurist / nailist of the day is Yukiko from Japan and Biju from Korea. Wow! I had two manicurists at the same time. Yukiko did the pedicure and Biju handle manicure. This time I want to do Nail Gel. Shige Hair Salon uses Bio Sculpture Gel (nail gel) from Japan 

with Buji and Yukiko

Both Buji and Yukiko are skillful and meticulous. They keep checking with me while buffing and trimming my nails if everything is ok. I go for nail graduation style and bling-bling design. Nail graduation colors means the color gradually from lighter to become darker. I choose nude pink because the color sort of similar to my skin and nail color when my nail grows the gap won’t be so obvious. 

This time I want to do Nail Gel. Shige Hair Salon uses 
Bio Sculpture Gel (nail gel) from Japan.

Bio Sculpture Gel

I love my kawaii nail design by Biju and Yukiko. Every fingers and toes has different design very attractive and plus the crystals and bling-bling on my nails are so pretty. 

My kawaii finger nails designs done by Biju

 My Toes Nail Gels (Nail Graduation) & Bling-Bling Designs done by Yukiko

Nail Gel manicure are definitely intriguing and long lasting. First, the gel polish won’t chip, crack, or budge once it is appropriately applied. This is quite different from traditional or normal nail polish that takes long time to dry and can smudge in the car on the way home from the salon if we are not careful. 

Needless to say, daily hand washing or easy house chores or light work activities won’t damage this nail gel manicure either. The nails became harder and not easy to chip off when we applied nail gel. Finally, the best part of the gel manicure is the length of time it will stay fresh on your nails. Mine has been almost two weeks already my finger and toes nails still to look great and the stones plus the glitters still intact.

After another week or two, my nails will grow out leaving a gap at the cuticle with no color; that time I would need to go back to the salon for touch up or get it remove.

 These are the nail services that are available and also the prices

Besides nail services Shige Hair Salon also have Japanese Eyelash Extension. 
Wow! make eyelashes long and curl hence eyes looks bigger and more dramatic. 
Of course on the ground floor of the salon is for hair services. 

 Japanese Eyelash Extension services

 Shige Hair Salon Ground Floor

Shige Hair Salon Ground Floor

Shige Hair Salon
C-0-6 & C-1-6, Plaza Damas,
60, Jalan Sri Hartamas 1,
Sri Hartamas,
50480 Kuala Lumpur

Tel: 006-03-6201 7368


  1. I love your nail colour and design, so pretty and pink! :D
    Just curious, did they provide info about pricing for the eyelash extensions? :D Or is there a facebook page where we can ask or something?

    1. Hi Laura, I did not check out the eyelash extension price. You can call this number 03-6201 7368 for more information.

  2. so pinkish! I love it! Whoaa so expensive! :(

    1. Hi Caroline, its really nice and long lasting. Hopefully they will have promotion or packages :)

  3. Lovely nails using gel nails. Thanks for the Gel Manicure Tips . It was very informative and very lovely. If possible, as you gain expertise, would you mind updating your blog with more information? It is extremely helpful for me.

    1. Hi John, thanks. I will update about Manicure and Nail Care from time to time.

      Miss Sunshine

  4. Wow. 8 years ago :) It is time to dress up your nails again <3


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