Review: Shiseido Lacquer Rouge and Shiseido Makeup 2012 Autumn / Winter 2012 Collections

Do you want to know what are new in store for Shiseido Makeup 2012 Autumn / Winter 2012  Collections? This 2012 Autumn / Winter season looks like we are in for Shiseido Lacquer Rouge the liquid lipstick and Shiseido Radiant Lifting Foundation SPF 15. Focusing on intense lip colors with high gloss and flawless radiant skin with long lasting coverage; both comes with skincare effects.  

Shiseido Lacquer Rouge is inspired by Japanese lacquer artistry. Japanese lacquerware is loved all around the world. Inspired by the intense color and luster of roiro lacquer, Shiseido set out to recreate its beautiful, long-lasting color, luster and smooth texture on the lips. Lacquer Rouge is the embodiment of this idea. 

Let’s see How the Lacquerware Process works verses How Lacquer Rouge works

How the Lacquerware Production Process works:-
Step1: Wooden base creation
Step 2: Base coating
Step 3: Lacquering

How Lacquer Rouge works:-
Effect 1: The lip surface become even and benefits from skincare effects*
*Improve rough lips & moisturizing effcet last for hours
Effect 2: Deep color comes out beautifully
Effect 3: Lip are finished with rich, polished shine

Shiseido Lacquer Rouge RD501 Drama

Reviews: My Shiseido Lacquer Rouge color is RD501 Drama. Drama is just that, a deep full blooded-red. Red is always my favorite color. This intense and full bodied red of course is very red, like full bodied red wine and looks like blood as you can see. For some this color may not be your liking, well this is personal preference. Fret not, there are total of 12 colors or shades that are available for you to choose from. 

This new Shiseido Lacquer Rouge comes in a very classic glossy black plastic packaging. The applicator is user friendly, fits closely against my lips for a comfortable glide and even application that does not smear. I can glide this liquid lipstick smoothly on my lips even at the edge of my lips without fuss. Plus it thus creates a clean and smooth lip line.

RD501: Drama is just that, a deep full blooded-red

Lacquer Rouge rich liquid lipstick leaves lips as smooth as lacquer, I only apply one coat. That is enough to provide me with the rich intense colors plus shinny gloss. This RD501 is a very strong red color, mostly suitable for me to use in evening function. This rich red gives an elegance and glamour look.  

The good thing about using this Lacquer Rouge is that I don’t have to use lip liner and lip gloss because the color is so intense, rich, deep luster and glossy. Plus thanks to the brush / applicator that makes this liquid lipstick application smooth and sharp. It make makeup easy at the same time do not compromise on the look. This Lacquer Rouge also improves dry, rough or peeling lips, if use continuously leaving the lips smooth and deeply moisturized.

It is very long lasting even though after I wipe it with tissue the lipstick stain still stay on. So remember, make sure to clean all makeup traces before going to bed. Advise to use lip makeup remover because our lips are very delicate, same as eye areas.

"This collection is about the simplicity of a lip married to the intensity of a lipstick, with deep pigment and rich color payoff, long lasting shine and gloss”
by Dick Page, Shiseido Artistic Director

The lacquer rouge collections create “a speedy glamour”

Shiseido Lacquer Rouge collection will be available at Shiseido Counters 
from September 2012 onwards

These are some pictures that I took during 
Shiseido Makeup 2012 Autumn / Winter Collections launch event 

Wardrobe by Salabianca collection 

Model wearing Shiseido latest Lacquer Rouge and Radiant Lifting Foundation SPF 15

with Tsi Ying 

These are some of the Makeup Pattern using 
Shiseido Makeup 2012 Autumn / Winter Collections

 Natural Allure
Lip: Lacquer Rouge PK310 Amethyst
Eye: Luminizing Satin Eye Color RD709 Alchemy
Cheek: Luminizing Satin Face Color RD103 Petal

 Modern Elegance
Lip: Lacquer Rouge PK312 Sunstone
Eye: Shimmering Cream Eye Color GR707 Patina
Cheek: Luminizing Satin Face Color PK304 Carnation

Sophisticated Nude
Lip: Lacquer Rouge BE306 Camel
Eye: Shimmering Cream Eye Color SV810 Tin and BK912 Caviar
Cheek: Luminizing Satin Face Color RD103 Petal

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  1. Kelly, any info on the pricing for these lip lacquers? I super love the look of Lacquer Rouge PK310 Amethyst on the model! <3 :D

    1. Hi Laura, Shiseido has not reveal the selling price yet for their Lacquer Rouge same with Shiseido Radiant Lifting Foundation SPF 15. Both will be available from September 2012 onwards.

  2. I like the nude colour :) very classy

    1. hi choulyin, yes. nude colours can match any clothes easily and of course classy


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