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Hello! Hello! online community friends. Are you one of those that addict to online shopping? be it gadgets, accessories, fashion and etc. etc. etc.? I am one of them. Recently I was introduced to this online bidding website by my friend. Huh…another online bidding site? But when I checked it out, this is different…

Chika Pow Wow is an innovative auction site that allows us to have a chance to purchase brand new electronic and lifestyle goods at a fraction of what it would normally cost. Way much cheaper than the retail price. By bidding for the items that you want it fun, exciting and you get lots of bargain. Apart from that, the most important things that I will consider before I decided to start bidding for the items that I wanted is that I will make sure the online auction website is genuine, my data is safe and protected, the products are new and original and all the biddings are fair not manipulated.

I have found the gadgets that I wanted through Chika Pow Wow and going to bid for it, how about you? ChikaPowWow is all about adopting the proper strategies and timing to outpow the other Chikadians. 

POW!!! Some Chikadians had successfully bid for the items 
that they wanted at such a good price.

Let get started go to the Chika Pow Wow online auction site here

For first timer, click this link to Register

For beginners, click this link to learn How to get Started

How to buy Chikas

How to POW

Purchase & Delivery Process
You can expect to receive your item in 14 working days

Or you could watch this Tutorial Video to understand How to Pow.
Chika Pow Wow - Video Tutorial: Basics in Chika Pow Wow

Besides this, Chika Pow Wow have 14 types of Auctions
Free Pow, Beginners Pow, Manual Pow, Robot Pow, 1 sen Pow, 5 sen Pow, 10 sen Pow, Zero Pow, Blind Pow, Buy Now Pow, Mystery Pow, Limited Pow,
Boy Pow, Girl Pow.

Robot Pow is the very powerful to help you in your bidding. However, before you started to use Robot Pow you must fully understand how the Robot Row works first.  

There is a Tutorial Video here about Robot Pow and how to use
Robot Pow to help your bidding
Chika Pow Wow - Basics Part 2 (Buy Now, Robot Pow)

Wow! Chikadian purchase our Chikas via MOLPay with stress and worry free. It is safe because MOLPay ensures fraud prevention so that payments can be made with safety and convenience. Transactions data and personal information are protected. If pay via credit card there will be 3-D Secure for verification and authentication. Every card entered in the payment gateway is checked by the respective card association. It is verified whether or not user authentication is required for the given card.

There are so many payment channels that you could choose from in MOLPay that makes it convenient when ever you want to buy Chickas

One of the things that I like about Chika Pow Wow auction site is that they have the products that are hot, new, innovative and latest that are limited edition and not sold in Malaysia. Plus you can get them at much cheaper here. Wootz! Chika Pow Wow is going to have Nike+ Fuel Band and Burberry Blue Label from Japan handbags.

Nike+ Fuel Band is the latest innovative products and currently not available in Malaysia, I am sure many of us would love to strap 1 on our wrist. This Nike+ Fuel Band can track our activity through a sport-tested accelerometer, then translates every move into NikeFuel. NikeFuel is a metric that Nike put together on its own that matches a person's movement through the wristband's accelerometer against data collected on how rapidly oxygen is consumed. 

Nike+ Fuel Band

With Nike+ Fuel Band we can turn every day into a game, challenge ourselves to capture records, reach new milestones and unlock special achievements. Go on a streak by seeing how many days in a row you can get to green. Track your progress by wirelessly sync your Nike+ Fuel Band to visualize your results. Or plug it directly into your computer's USB port to sync. See your peaks, your progress and your trophies. Another interesting is get the Nike+ FuelBand mobile app to sync wirelessly, track your progress and get extra motivation on the go. With the app you can compete with yourself or share results with your friends to compare, compete and celebrate.

Burberry Blue Label it is another range of Burberry that caters to Japan only. It targeted trendy women in Japan. However, I see many Malaysian girls carry Burberry Blue Label handbags. Well, they may have bought it when they were Japan, via friends from Japan or online. Now we can bid for these items in Chika Pow Wow. Awesome!

Burberry Blue Label

Chika Pow Wow started in May 2012 as an attempt to improve the Internet auction model by making it more exciting, safer, and more reliable.
1) Provide an alternative shopping experience to users
2) Enable users to grab great products at great offers
3) The mantra of our site, FUN, EXCITEMENT and BARGAIN!
4) Legitimize this industry, through strong ethics and integrity
5) Introduce and market new and innovative products that are not available in Malaysia

Chika Pow Wow Online Auction Website

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Chika Pow Wow on Twitter @chikapowwow


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