Samsung Multi Door Refrigerator Epitomises Technological Innovation

Samsung Multi Door Refrigerator

Samsung Malaysia Electronics, the global leader in digital media and digital convergence, introduces its new multi door refrigerator to showcase how technology merges with convenience to provide modern women with smart refrigeration solutions. Foods stay fresher and longer for healthier living.

This time around, Samsung employs innovative technology to showcase three key features that keep foods fresher for longer periods of time. The multi-door refrigerator has a MoistFresh Zone Shower, which is a special drawer for vegetables, to supply moisture cyclically into the drawer for vegetables that continue to stay fresh and crisp.

To meet today’s society quest for healthy living, the refrigerator comes with a Freeze Flex Zone to allow users to customize a best serving temperature to preserve foods at their optimal conditions. Last but not least, Samsung’s proprietary Digital Inverter Technology is developed to increase efficiency and save on energy consumption. These three key features work hand-in-hand to induce conducive living for the discerning 21st century users.

“Samsung understands that women today have to manage their time efficiently and juggle many things at once.  Families need refrigerators with capacity to store their weekly grocery shopping, at the same time, to keep them fresh and crisp and easily accessible. We strive to continue to provide innovative home appliances such as the Samsung’s multi-door refrigerator to deliver efficient and smart solutions,” said Kwon Jae Hoon, Managing Director of Samsung Malaysia Electronics Sdn. Bhd.

“As a global leader in consumer electronics, Samsung continues to introduce new home appliances based on our proprietary technology, always embracing an in-depth understanding of the consumer’s changing lifestyle,” added Kwon.

Ergonomically-savvy for modern living
Samsung’s team of innovation experts has taken ergonomics into account when conceptualising the new multi-door refrigerator. The vegetable drawer is fitted at waist level to allow quick and easy access to healthy vegetables for a great meal. With the entire storage space being well-illuminated with two side LED lights, finding the right ingredients is also a breeze; users always have a bright and clear view of everything in the fridge.

Most importantly, the multi-door refrigerator features a 10-year warranty on its Digital Inverter Compressor to lend a peace of mind to users so that they could focus on churning delicious, healthy meals to their families. The energy efficient refrigerator produces minimal noise for a quiet and relaxed lifestyle.

On top of that, Samsung’s multi-door refrigerator is unique in terms of its exterior and interior design. The stunning stainless steel finishing adds a touch of class to the kitchen while the interior multiple compartments help with organisation, planning for meals and keep foods separated.

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