Mid-Autumn Festival 2012 Mooncake Workshop and Dinner at Lai Ching Yuen, Grand Millennium Kuala Lumpur

Last night, I attended Katy Perry: Part of Me the movie screening. Untill now Katy’s Last Friday Night song still playing in my mind again and again. The movie was quite inspiring and I love all her bling-blings. Out of suddenly, I thought of what I did Last Friday Night ah! Oppss!!! I forgot that I got something pending for you…  

Last Friday Night, I was at Lai Ching Yuen with a group of bloggers having dinner, tasting mooncakes and showing my not so convincing culinary skill during the mooncake workshop by Chef Thye Yoon Kong, Lai Ching Yuen’s famous Dim Sum Chef.

We started with our 8 course dinner

 Double Boiled Chicken with Clam and White Cabbage
After a hard day work and beating the jam over to KL, a bowl of hearty and nutritious soup is always good for the soul and rewarding. Taste the sweetness in the double boiled soup.   

Soft Shell Crab with Salf and Pepper
Eat when is hot. The soft shell crab is crispy on the outside and inside is moist and creamy.  

Deep Fried Golden Mushroom
I love this deep fried mushroom. Fragrant, thin strips, very crispy and can be quite addictive.

Barbecued Roasted Pork with Honey
This barbecued roasted pork with honey is one of the signature dish. My first bite juicy, tender, I wonder what ingredient use to marinate it to such fragrant and the sauce. 
Braised Bamboo Fish Head in Clay Pot
The deep fried soon hock with brown starch gravy comes with eggplant. Its quite a big portion thou. Careful got hidden fish bones in between but some of the bones are fried to so crispy I can even eat them.  
Fried Australian Asparagus with XO Sauce
Crunchy asparagus with chili, good I like it spicy food
Homemade Bean Curd with Angled Luffa Gourd and Scallop
After a few rounds of heavy dishes at last we have something light, 
spotted a few goji berries… ahh good for my eyes  

Braised Local Loh Mee
Add black vinegar and chili padi make it taste more ompphhh
Sea Coconut with Red Date and White Fungus
This desert is on a little bit on the sweet side especially the sea coconut however I like the soft (very lembik) white fungus… 

After our stomach is well taken care off … then we adjourned to mooncake workshop whereby each of us has a chance to make our own Snow Skin Mooncake yippieee….

 Its mu turn to made mooncake. I will do a mini charcoal snow skin mooncake 
with passion fruit lotus paste. Yes! I passed got my mooncake done errr… with the help of Chef Thye. The whole process was quite fun, especially when knocking mooncake 
out from the wooden mould.

 my handmade Mini Snow Skin Passion Fruits Lotus Paste Mooncake

Mid-Autumn Festival or the Reunion Festival is traditionally celebrated on the fifteenth day of the eighth lunar month. This year the Mid-Autumn Festival falls on the 30th of September, 2012. So coincident it is on Sunday which is the best day for all the family members to get together for Mid-Autumn celebration with dinner, celebration eating mooncakes, drinking teas and the children playing lanterns.

After the mooncake workshop, comes the Mooncake Tasting session. 
We get to try all type of mooncakes. 

Traditional Mooncake flavours

Mini Snow Skin Mooncake flavours

This year Grand Millennium Kuala Lumpur has created an array of traditional and mini snow skin mooncakes. Celebrate this Mid-Autumn Festival with friends and family and savour on homemade mooncakes.

Quite a decent selection of the Traditional Mooncake flavours such as Assorted Fruit and Nut, Red Bean Paste, Pure White Lotus, Pure White Lotus with Single Yolk and Pure White Lotus with Double Yolk.  

There are 8 types of Mini Snow Skin Mooncake flavours available, which is Durian Lotus Paste, Passion Fruit Lotus Paste, Spiruline Lotus Paste, Green Tea Lotus Paste, Pandan Lotus Paste, White Lotus Paste, Red Bean Lotus Paste and Pure Dates Lotus Paste.

I like the Mini Snow Skin Mooncake more especially the Durian Lotus Paste than the Traditional Mooncake. The Snow Skin is very thing and Wah the durian paste taste creamy and like real durian. Also the Passion fruit Lotus Paste was something appetizing with a hint of passion fruits sour. Well spirulina and green tea not too bad also.

As for Traditional Mooncakes the Assorted Fruit and Nut is compact with nuts and very fragrant. The white lotus paste is the authentic recipe it is not too sweet. Usually for Mid-Autumn Festival gifts my family will buy the Traditional Mooncake and the Snow Skin Mooncake is for own consumption.   

So that night after the workshop, I happily brought back my handmade Mini Snow Skin Moon Cake (with Passion Fruit Lotus Paste), that night itself my Mini Snow Moon Cake was finished by mom. At first she said she just wanted to try only a bit only but then after she finished it all by herself she looked and smiled at me… I think she is sending her strong signal she want more… 

Fortune Mooncake Gift Box priced at RM 112.00++ per box of 4 items and Full Mooncake Gift Box priced at RM 108.00++ per box of 8 items are for those who plan to bring home some sweet endings for their family members.  Grand Millennium Kuala Lumpur also has offer for those who prefer to pack for a simple reunion where one can select from an selection of mooncakes starting from RM12.80++ per piece to RM29.80++ per piece. 

Grand Millennium Lai Ching Yuen Mooncake Price List 

Lai Ching Yuen is a non-halal Chinese restaurant located on the first floor and it is open daily from 12 noon to 2.30pm for lunch and 6.30pm to 10.30pm for dinner.

Lai Ching Yuen Chinese Restaurant
Grand Millennium Kuala Lumpur
160 Jalan Bukit Bintang,
55100 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Tel: 006-03-2117 4180
Fax: 006-03-2145 7876

Lai Ching Yuen Facebook Page

Grand Millennium Kuala Lumpur Facebook Page


  1. It was such a fun workshop. Are you making any for this year's mooncake? Make some for me too ok? TQTQTQ

    1. hi missyblurkit, the workshop was fun. i just make 1 that day. i think i'll will buy instead of making them, not a good chef hehehe

  2. Bro suka makan kuih bulan.. Sedap :)

    1. hi bro, me too. i like the snow skin especially :)


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