RoC Skincare Workshop at Bankers Club, Amoda Kuala Lumpur. Discover RoC Sublime Energy, The Power of E-Pulse Technology in a Cream

What is the power of E-Pulse Technology in skincare? This is the question that popped up in my mind before I attend this workshop… Still remember I shared the RoC Beauty Skincare Workshop HERE.

Few weeks ago, I attended RoC Skincare Beauty Workshop on 11th August 2012 Saturday afternoon at Bankers Club, Amoda Kuala Lumpur. This workshop also introduces the RoC Sublime Energy skincare range that contains E-Pulse concentrated. Arrived at Bankers Club, we have tea and chat at the lounge while waiting for the rest of the participants to arrive. 

Finally the workshop started. Ms. Jazzmine Cheah the image consultant and speaker enlightened us about the understanding of our skin layers, types, conditions, skin aging process, others truth and facts. After her presentation, Jazzmine did a step by step demo using Radiance Rejuvenate and Sublime Energy products. 

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During this workshop, I learned and picked up many knowledge about our skin, plus have a better understanding about my skin type. The way to diagnose which skin type we have is through our pores. Pores are the key to developing and maintaining healthy skin. 

Skin Types: There are 4 skin types, such as normal skin, dry skin, oily skin and combinations skin. According to Jazzmine, our skin type will not change for the rest of our life.

Skin Conditions: Ageing which has fine lines, wrinkles and sagging, while dehydrated Skin cause sensitive skin. Skin conditions can be affected by external and internal factors. External factors such as weather, pollution, UV, smoke, lifestyles, free radicals, oxidation  and non-suitable products. Internal factors are age, pregnancy, medical treatment, hormones, nutrition and alcohol. 

Ageing skins go through 4 stages: Stage 1 when we lost of moisture in the skin, elastin is losing its connection. Stage 2 is when fine lines appear. Stage 3 is when we see permanent wrinkles and Stage 4 sagging and lose firmness and elasticity.

Collagen and elastin are the 2 most important protein fibers in the dermis layer. Over the years these fibers will start to lose causing lines and sagging to the skin. 

During the demo we learn about the important of using the right step to apply product and the way to massage in the product to enhance better penetration and also reduce wrinkle. 

RoC Multi Action Makeup Remover and Milk
When removing makeup, pour the makeup remover on cotton pad. Say ‘O’ so that when we wipe we do not pull our skin, then wipe off the make up from inside out and upwards motion gently. Make sure removed all the traces of makeup completely. Then rinse face with water.  

RoC Radiance Rejuvenate Activting Water
This Radiance Activating Water contains Hydrolyzed Hyaluronic Acid, smoothes, re-plump skin and boosts skin radiance. Apply this using cotton pad. Skin will look plump, smooth and brighter. 

Pure 5 Essence Collagen Mask
There are two type of mask we can choose during the workshop, Pure 5 Essence Collagen and Hydrating Mask. I choose the collagen mask that contains high quality Hydrogen Water and nano Collagen. After about 15 mins of masking and relaxation my skin feel supple and moist. Tips by Jezzmine: For those with thin skin avoid fruit mask.

Enjoying my masking time 

After followed by the RoC Sublime Energy Product range. It contains E-Pulse a patented micro-current technology inspired by the latest professional procedures and backed by years of research. It uses electrostimulation to bring new life to the look of your skin. Electrostimulation instantly creates a gentle flow of energy within the surface layers of the skin and stimulates the skin’s natural process for dramatic results.

RoC Sublime Energy Skincare Range

The power of E-Pulse Technology in a Cream
Our body natural process slows down with time, making it more difficult for skin to repair itself. This loss of essential proteins, like collagen and elastin, all contribute to wrinkles, lines and skin discoloration.

RoC Sublime Energy is a breakthrough at-home anti-ageing treatments that works in 2 steps. E-Pulse works by energising ion-mineral conductors of zinc and copper that activates the skin’s natural process. When combined with the specialty formulated Boosting Complex found in the crèmes, it increases the rapid flow of mineral ions to dramatically rejuvenate the look of the skin.

Jezzmine showed and guided us the correct way to apply and massage using this cream

RoC Sublime Energy Eye
e-Pulse Concentrate & Activating  Moisturiser that suitable for all skin types. It is the Hero Products of the Sublime Energy range. This 2-step process starts working immediately to reduce the appearance of dark circles and puffiness and is clinically proven to smooth and tighten the look of delicate skin around the eyes. The look of fine lines will be reduced before your eyes in as little as 3 days. 

1. Eye Activating Serum
Using your fingertip, apply the activating serum to the complete eye contour area, including eyelids and below eyebrows. Gently massage into skin.

2. Eye Concentrate Crème
Apply a layer of the beautifying crème, over the serum, to the same areas. When done, place the serum and crème back into the holder for easy storage. If using during the day, apply a sunscreen of at least SPF 15.

Its time to try it out ourselves and learned to use the right techniques to apply

E-Pulse creates a flow of energy through the surface layers of the skin to stimulate its natural process. It immediately reduces the appearance of dark circles and puffiness. In fact, in a clinical testing, 97% of women demonstrated fast results: after 1 week, the skin around the eyes felt softer and smoother and looked dramatically more radiant. After 4 weeks, eyes appeared more open and lifted while seeing a diminished appearance of dark circles, bags and puffiness for more defined, younger-looking eyes.

RoC Sublime Energy Day
e-Pulse Concentrate & Activating  Moisturiser SPF 20 that suitable for all skin types. Start your day with younger-looking skin. Skin looks younger with visible reduction in the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. Noticeably brighter, more radiant and unified skin complexion. Softer, smoother and firmer skin.

1. Day Activating Serum
Apply the day activating serum liberally over entire face. Massage into skin.

2. Day Rejuvenating crème
Apply a layer of the day rejuvenating crème, over the serum, to the same area. Smooth evenly over face before sun exposure and as needed. When done, place the serum and crème back into the holder for easy storage.

There was a Mini Quiz group games for all of us after the demo and our mini diy facial. We paid only RM 20 for the workshop and it is redeemable for RoC product purchase on the spot at a discounted price.

These are the items in our goodies bag... yay
This Picture from Evelyn ~ Missyblurkit 

Thanks Mandom Malaysia for organizing this event.  

I get to know about this workshop through Only Beauty facebook page 

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