Laundry Room Fun with Lina Teoh and the Samsung Eco Bubble Washing Machine

Check out this video about Malaysian documentary filmmaker, actress, presenter and former Miss World 2nd Runner Up Lina Teoh talks about her active lifestyle and why the Samsung Eco Bubble washing machine fulfils her laundry needs. 

“Everything I do, I give it my all; filmmaking, acting, laundry – there are no exceptions. The Samsung Eco Bubble saves up to 70% energy, does more laundry, and on top of that, even cares for my clothes,” says Lina Teoh.

Samsung’s Eco Bubble is equipped with a bubble generator that dissolves detergent into water and injects a combination of water, detergent and air to produce a bubble foam cushion that appears in the drum seconds after the normal cycle starts. This foam dissolves into the wash water, distributes evenly into fabrics and penetrates deeper into clothes up to 40 times faster than conventional washers. The outcome is a clean, efficient wash, with clothes free of powder or soap residue. The unique Diamond Drum reduces the risk of fabric damage by preventing fabric from getting snagged, and by creating water pockets that reduce friction.

Eco Bubble achieves the same performance results with cold water that other machines would with water at 40 degrees Celsius. This enables up to 70% savings on energy. Users can clean delicate fabric, such as silk and wool without having to worry about damage to fabric, because the bubble cushion protects clothes.

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