The Wardrobe Essentials Of 2023: 8 Items To Keep In Your Closet

Keeping up with fashion can be challenging and expensive; a new trend is always taking over. Fortunately, you can stay in style without overspending by filling your closet with fashion staples and timeless garments. This way, you can shop for quality at a women's boutique in Goodyear, AZ, or another retailer that stocks high-quality garments and accessories. 

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Nevertheless, these fashionable staples are great investments if you want to kit out your closet for the whole year.

Chunky White Sneakers

Popularized by social media influencers, chunky white sneakers have quickly made their way into almost everyone's wardrobes. These versatile sneakers can be worn with mini skirts, dresses, denim jeans, and even formalwear outfits.

Soft Scrunch Ballet Flats

Soft scrunch ballet flats were in every closet in the early 2000s, and they've re-emerged once more to replace your current go-to shoes. 

Ballet flats pair perfectly with just about any outfit. These shoes are also exceptionally comfortable, and you can opt for various styles and designs. 

Oversized Puffer Jacket

Oversized puffer jackets are still in style. Although, this year, the preferred puffer jacket is an oversized or longer length. Crop puffer jackets are also somewhat fashionable at the moment. But because crop jackets are less practical, an oversized design is a better investment. 

Satin Slip Midi Dress

The satin slip dress is a throwback trend making waves this year. The lingerie-inspired dress defined 90s style as celebs like Kate Moss and many others made the sleepwear-as-streetwear style iconic yet mainstream. 

This effortless dress can be paired with an oversized blazer, mules, and a simple black shoulder bag. But it can also be worn under a chunky knit sweater, chunky white sneakers, with several layers for a maximalist look, or on its own with any shoes. 

Black Unitard

The unitard trend is a new one that's inspired by 90s exercise apparel. With the rise of athleisure fashion, it's pretty easy to understand the craze behind the unitard trend. 

This fashionable staple pairs well with an oversized blazer, a puffer jacket, and even a casual hoodie. 

90s Loose-Fit Jeans

Despite a few millennials holding onto their trusty skinny jeans, it's safe to say skin-tight denim is out, and loose-fitting jeans are back. The looser fit is undeniably more comfortable, and you really won't need to worry about finding a pair that complements your body type as with other jean styles because the looser fit is flattering for most body types

The Classic Trench Coat

A trench coat is a timeless staple that will always stay in style. So if you don't have a trench coat yet, now is an ideal time to invest in a jewel-tone coat because these practical winter jackets are trending again.

With this, a stylish alternative to a classic trench coat is an oversized blazer. However, oversized blazers are unlikely to become timeless staples.

A Mini Skirt

Mini skirts are another 90s revival fashion trend that's here to stay. Mini skirts are somewhat practical as they are easy to style. But you'll want a mid-waist or high-waist mini skirt to match the trend. 

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