How Can Apple Cider Vinegar Improve My Health?

If you’re health-conscious and eager for anything to improve your life, then perhaps you’ve heard of drinking apple cider vinegar for better health. Unfortunately, apple cider vinegar can be quite harsh to drink and you might have a hard time sticking with it. 

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To remedy this, you can also get your daily dose of apple cider vinegar in the form of organic apple cider vinegar gummies that are tasty and fun to eat. This will make it a far more enjoyable experience and you’ll get to appreciate all of the benefits of apple cider vinegar without the biggest downside. 

Speaking of benefits, there are three in particular that you might be interested in. Apple cider vinegar has been reported to help with many different conditions, but these three are supported by studies. Let’s take a look at these health benefits of apple cider vinegar now!

Controlling Blood Sugar Levels

The first benefit of apple cider vinegar is aiding in controlling your blood sugar levels. This is done by increasing insulin sensitivity in the body. 

This is particularly helpful if you suffer from diabetes, but you can struggle with blood sugar moderation even if you’re healthy. If you eat foods that are high in sugar or carbs often like candy, bread, and pasta, then your blood sugar is likely to spike. 

Apple cider vinegar can help mitigate this effect and keep your blood sugar at lower levels after eating. It shouldn’t be used as an excuse to eat anything, but apple cider vinegar can be helpful when you do have particularly triggering foods.

Weight Loss Aid 

Apple cider vinegar is also fantastic when used as a weight-loss aid. 

As you likely know, weight loss can be an extremely difficult journey. One of the biggest issues with weight loss is your appetite. Even if you know you shouldn’t eat, if you still feel hungry, you may end up eating more than you intend to. 

Weight loss can only occur when you are in a caloric deficit, so finding a way to manage your appetite and limit how much you eat is essential. Fortunately, apple cider vinegar is effective at helping you feel satiated. 

Not only that, but apple cider vinegar has only a few calories per serving, meaning that it will only help you to feel full without adding any extra calories. 

It is important to remember that apple cider vinegar won’t magically cause weight loss. When it is used as a supplement in combination with exercise, a good diet, and a relatively healthy lifestyle its benefits can be fully appreciated.

Digestive Relief 

Apple cider vinegar is also useful for digestive relief. This is present in two primary ways. 

Firstly, apple cider vinegar can be used to help prevent acid reflux and heartburn. Spicy and acidic foods are particularly notorious for this. 

With apple cider vinegar swirling in your gut, it can also help improve your gut health. It can help to kill bad bacteria and keep good bacteria in. 

Taking it a step further, apple cider vinegar is a microbial that can be taken to help prevent bacteria from food affecting you. In particular, the effects of bacteria like E. coli and Staph have been minimized with the aid of apple cider vinegar. 

If you incorporate apple cider vinegar into your diet along with plenty of healthy bacteria sources like yogurt and kombucha, then your gut health will improve significantly.

Consuming Apple Cider Vinegar 

Now that you understand the health benefits of apple cider vinegar, you have options regarding how you’ll take it. 

You can opt to drink it, but it is sour and difficult to stomach. Not only that, but it can irritate your throat and the enamel of your teeth. 

Instead, you’re better off incorporating it into your food directly or eating it as a gummy. A gummy is easy to eat and won’t hurt your teeth or throat. 

Start with a single dose (one gummy) and see how you feel. As with adding any new supplement to your diet, start slow and consult your doctor if you want to try more.

Closing Thoughts

Apple cider vinegar is an intriguing health supplement. It does have some reported health benefits, but are they worth the experience of drinking sour apple cider vinegar? 

To answer this, you’ll need to know what the health benefits of apple cider vinegar are. This includes helping with controlling your blood sugar levels, weight loss aid, and digestive relief. 

Apple cider vinegar can be taken in various forms, but the least offensive is in a gummy supplement. Find a method that you don’t mind and you can appreciate all the benefits of apple cider vinegar without having to taste it!

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