How to Add More Comfort and Coziness to Your Living Room

Before you head to bed, you are likely to spend some time relaxing (and unwinding) in your living room. If your living room is not cozy and full of comfort, you will want to reduce the amount of time you spend there. This can have an impact on how relaxed you feel heading up to bed. It can also impact how long it takes you to get to sleep - especially if you have not had a chance to switch off before heading to bed. To break this potentially negative cycle, you need to focus on adding more comfort and coziness to your living room.

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Decide What Is Not Working

Before taking a wrecking ball to your living room, you need to stop and think about what is cozy and what is not. Establish what is not working at the moment and see where there is room for change. For example, do your old sofas look a little worse for wear? Are the drapes blocking out natural light and making the living room feel too dark? When you reflect on the space, you can see what is not working and what has to be changed.

Introduce a New Color Scheme

Coziness and comfort in a living space can come from more than just furnishings and furniture. It can also come from the color palette that you use. Using a color scheme or palette that is calming and warm is important. Your old color scheme may be excellent, but is it adding comfort and coziness to a space, or is it distracting the eye and mind? A new color scheme may be one that is more muted or one that features more natural tones. It may be one that focuses on greens and creams. Or it may be one that focuses on pale blues and seafoam shades.

Add Lots of Comfortable Furniture

After removing items that are not working and after introducing a new color scheme, you then have to rework the space. It would be best if you started turning your attention onto the living room furniture that you have left. Make sure the remaining furniture is comfortable and ideal for sitting or napping. If it is not, you will need to add more comfortable items such as a bean bag chair with removable cover. If the furniture in a room does not allow you to unwind and destress, then it is not comfortable enough. Do not hold onto uncomfortable furniture simply because it may look good, as it will never get used.

Don’t Forget to Dress the Windows

Windows can be blank canvases, and they can be blank spaces if they are not dressed. Windows that are dressed with curtains, drapes, or blinds can add warmth and comfort to any space. They can help to soften up a larger living space, and they can be beneficial for adding warmth to a living room that feels colder (or gets colder in the wintertime).

If your home craves coziness, then these tips will help you to add more comfort to your space. 

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