The Top Reasons To Extend Your Vehicle Warranty - And How To Do It

The anticipation and excitement that come with buying a new car can't be matched by anything else. However, while most cars will come with a manufacturer's warranty that covers them for the first few years if you're a firm believer in Murphy's Law, it's likely that as soon as your time is up, something will inevitably break. In some cases, this might be small enough to warrant you paying for it yourself; in others, it can be enormously costly (not to mention depressing) if you aren't covered. 

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This is where the exciting world of extended warranties comes in. While the exciting part of that previous sentence might be a tad hyperbolic, they are undoubtedly one of the best additional expenses you can get when you purchase a car. 

They Give You Peace Of Mind With Certain Models

Although most modern cars are highly reliable (comparatively speaking), they are still prone to occasional breakdowns and hissy fits. For example, even though your average American car from the likes of Crysler, Dodge, Jeep, et al. all tend to score relatively highly on satisfaction ratings, they are more prone to breakdowns and other issues than your average Japanese or South Koren options (although the latter is having problems with a deplorable set of security measures). Consequently, investing in Vehicle Protection for your new or used truck or Jeep will likely be a great idea and allow you to sleep soundly at night between bouts of cold sweats about inflation. If you get the right coverage, you will sleep very soundly indeed.

You Can Increase The Resale Value If They Are Transferable

Some extended warranties come with transferable rights meaning that if you sell your car, it can be transferred to the new user (pending some conditions). This can boost your asking price because it also gives the buyer some form of protection if a mechanical issue is covered by the guarantee. However, this isn't always the case (usually an exception to the rule to be honest), and if in doubt, you should ask the company offering the extended warranty if it is the case or not. Nevertheless, even if the rights aren't transferable, you can still receive a great deal and help you out financially when things go wrong. You just have to weigh the pros and cons and determine what suits your circumstances. Consider a transferable one, for instance, if you anticipate selling your vehicle in the near future.

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You Can Buy The Car Of Your Dreams And Not End Up With A Divorce Because You Sold The House To Fix A Gearbox

Some cars are notorious for reliability issues (looking at you, Jeep), and while it often seems like a good idea when you're handing your soul over to the salesman, it can come back around to bite you later on. An extended warranty alleviates all of these issues and could even be the tipping point that gains your permission from the wife to go ahead and make your dream purchase because even if the engine malfunctions, you won't be liable to pay!

There is so much suitable with extended warranties that this article can't do them justice. Aside from keeping your bank balance intact when things go awry, they offer a peace of mind that can only be matched by a comprehensive insurance plan.

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