Signature Market Mini Vending Machine

Tea O’clock! What’s your favourite tea-time snacks? I got a few packs to choose here from mixed nuts, biscuits, popcorns, fruits tea, coffee and more. These snacks are from Signature Market Mini Vending Machine at The Starling Mall, Petaling Jaya. The new vending machine offers convenient access to healthy and organic products.

Signature Market, Malaysia's leading online marketplace for healthy and organic products, launches its first-ever vending machine ~ Signature Market Mini, located in The Starling Mall, Petaling Jaya. 

Signature Market Mini Vending Machine

Signature Market's new vending machine is all about convenience & product discovery. Signature Market currently has 500 products on its platform; products featured for this format are specially curated for office workers snacking needs in the office. Many products have been re-packaged into smaller, more versatile sizes perfect for quick office snacking.

To celebrate the launch of Signature Market Mini, they are giving away six complimentary weekly snack sets. Each weekly set has a unique theme experience which includes a drink and two snacks, offering customers a chance to sample some of Signature Market's most popular products just in time for Ramadan. 

Customers can redeem their complimentary snack sets on a weekly basis from the vending machine, making it even easier to enjoy healthy and organic snacks during the holy month. To redeem the free snack sets, customers simply need to visit the Signature Market Mini Vending Machine located in The Starling Mall, scan the QR code provided on the screen, register as a member and top-up selected amounts into the Signature Market wallet. 

Signature Market Mini is Signature Market’s first online merge offline (OmO) initiative this year. Signature Market wishes to deliver a seamless online & offline customer experience using technology and bringing more tech-enabled experiences to Malaysian consumers.

For more information and updates about Signature Market Mini Vending Machine, please visit Signature Market on Instagram, Facebook, or Website

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