Your Ultimate Guide To Your Future Family Getaways

Were you supposed to have fun and adventure-filled family vacation in Hawaii this year? Did you just cancel it because of the COVID-19 pandemic? Well, here is a worthy read that will help you get excited again for your next family getaway after all these chaos.

Your Ultimate Guide To Your Future Family Getaways
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Most of the world has been in quarantine for months now. Families have been isolated from the outside and all scheduled out-of-town vacations have been cancelled. After all of these are done, we are sure that everyone will be making the most of their time, spending moments with friends and families on getaways and fun activities. Maybe while you are at home right now, it is time for you to start planning your next perfect and action-filled family getaway so you’ll be ready out the door once everything’s normal again.

Here is a guide on the different family getaways that you and your loved ones will surely enjoy to make up for the lost time that you were just stuck at home:


If you have been dreaming of getting on a luxurious cruise, then this is the time to finally do it. This is a good way to see multiple places at once. You do not even have to think about hotels or where you’re going to stay since your cruise ship will serve as your floating accommodations. Sailing packages also include different activities that you can do on-board that you won’t have to worry about running out of things to do. Cruises often last for a week up to a month. However, sailing does cost a fortune, so, if you want to take your family with you and ride a ship around the world, you should start saving now.

Family Team Building

Even though your family is all at home, pretty sure you’ve been doing your own things separately that you don’t even get to bond with each other. A week-long team building activity will help in sparking that sense of camaraderie between your siblings and your kids. There are retreat centres located near lakes and mountains, perfect for those family getaways that will make you closer to nature. These centres are equipped with complete accommodations for big families and can host different outdoor activities that you can take on. You can experience water sports or hiking and they even have creative activities suitable for children.

Road trip

Road tripping from state to state has always been a go-to travel activity for most families and group of friends. If you are with friends then going in your car is fine but if you are bringing the whole family with you, then riding an RV is a perfect choice. This will cost less rather than staying at hotels every single night. RVs have complete equipment from the kitchen to the bedroom. Going to the toilet won’t be a problem since it has a built-in bathroom. If visiting all states is in your bucket list, the best way to accomplish that is by going on the road.


Camping can be done along with your road trip, especially if you are going with that RV. This is a great way for your adventurous family to get closer to nature and feel what it can offer. Getting outside away from all the hustle and bustle of the city will help you unwind and be refreshed from all the stress that you have happened. Disconnecting from the online world is also a good way to reconnect with nature and also your family.

Safari Tour

If you have little children, then getting on a safari tour will be the kind of family getaway that they are going to enjoy. This type of tours is perfect during the summers when it’s all dry and hot. A safari tour is good to see real live wild animals and also sightsee parts of nature that you don’t get to see as much. To experience that full safari adventure, start packing and bring your whole family to Africa.

Theme Parks

After that safari tour, your children would love a trip to the amusement parks or theme parks. Here, you’ll never get out of activities to do. It is also a nice place to walk around and eat snacks and desserts. As an adult, you’ll definitely like your on your youth again. There different rides that are suitable for your children. If you want a more thrilling one, then a good old roller coaster will definitely keep that adrenaline running.

Walking Tour

A walking or historical tour never gets old. This is a great way to fully sightsee a landmark especially if you are in a different country. Touring companies offer different packages that include sightseeing the most popular tourist spots of a country. They will also provide tour guides that can accompany you and share with you historical information of a certain landmark. You just have to find for the best package that will make the most out of your budget. If your family loves walking around well-known streets of the world, then a historical tour would be the best family getaway.


If you are the kind of person who does not like the outdoors then a staycation with Colorado Chalets is perfect for your next family getaway. It is a play on the words stay and vacation, thus, staycation. It has become a trend for those who really love staying in hotels but doesn’t like going on hikes or any physical activities. If this is the case for you, start looking for that hotel or any accommodation that will suit and satisfy your staycation needs.

Things to Prepare For Your Next Family Getaway

Once you’ve decided on which type of adventure you want to get on, it’s time to start prepping. There is no such thing as being early in organizing a vacation. The more prepared you are, the less stress that you have to encounter when the day for your family getaway has already come. We have listed down below some of the important things that you have to remember when planning and preparing for your next adventure.

Finalize your mode of travel

Either you’re going out of town, getting on a cruise, or on a road trip in an RV, it is important to book plane tickets and vehicle rentals as soon as possible. Once you’ve set your date, start calling right away since people might be doing the same as you and you want to reserve first before anybody else.

Organize your accommodations

Same with your mode of transportation, hotels and retreat houses must be reserved beforehand. These places tend to get fully booked especially during peak seasons. The day that the quarantine finally gets lifted will surely become the start of a peak season.

Do not overpack

Make sure to pack wisely however long your family getaway is going to last. Avoid bringing the things that you are not going to need. You can always do your laundry in hotels or you can stop by a laundry shop when you’re on the road. The best way to avoid this is by making a list of all the things that you are going to need and pack them days before your trip. Packing late is not going to help.

Allocate a budget for the trip

Even though you want to make the most out of your vacation, this doesn’t give you the right to spend all of your savings. You should be strict on what items you can purchase or activities you want to inquire. The number of souvenir items should also be limited. Make the smart decision to allot a budget beforehand for you to know your financial limits.

Secure all the documents you need

As the team leader of this vacation, you have the task to secure all the documents and papers that the whole family needs. Collect all passports and plane tickets as well as important personal documents that you might need. You can put them in one organizer so you’ll have them in one place.

Plan your itinerary

If you are planning to visit multiple places, make sure to have a schedule ready. Even though your tour guide or tour manager will be the one in charge of your itinerary, you should ask a copy for yourself so you’ll be guided on where you’re going next. This will also help you in figuring out wake-up calls and call times so you’ll avoid getting late for your activity for the day.

Find the restaurants that you want to try

One dilemma that travellers usually have is deciding on where in that foreign place is the best restaurant to dine in. Researching beforehand will save you more time, plus, reading reviews online will set your expectations and going the best ones will assure you that you’re getting your money’s worth. This is also a great way of finding the best restaurants that serve local cuisines.

Now that quarantine guidelines are slowly easing down, you should see this a sign of a light at the end of the tunnel. This pandemic shouldn’t stop you from looking forward to the future. Rather, this situation should push you to start going out of your box and grab every opportunity that comes your way. This includes all the vacation possibilities that you can experience. Start making your checklists on what activities you want to experience and places you want to visit. Just like what the kids say nowadays: you only live once.

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